Well, it looks like things are slowing down in the wake of this weekends Comic-Con in San Diego, but the news hasn’t stopped entirely and there are several new things to talk about.

Batman Gets A New Theme
Source: SuperheroHype!

Comic book movie fans the world over were thrilled with Christopher Nolan’s 2005 relaunch Batman Begins and a large part of that–not to disparage the talented Danny Elfman–was due to Hans Zimmer’s fantastic score. ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! recently had a rare opportunity to talk to the musical maestro about his score for The Simpsons Movie, and we asked him how things were progressing on the musical end of the Batman sequel The Dark Knight.

The biggest news from Mr. Zimmer, who told us that he’s “playing around” and “getting some ideas” is the fact that he’s crafting a new Batman theme for the second movie in the relaunched franchise. “It’s going to evolve,” He told us. “There is a big Batman theme which I was playing with for the last one, but I always felt the character hadn’t earned it yet, so I just want to go and play around, and I now want to go and complete that theme, so that’s part of the idea. I felt I had a good start, and now it would be really nice to develop that world a little further.”

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, while The Simpsons Movie is now playing in theatres and its soundtrack is available in record stores everywhere. You can read our full interview with Mr. Zimmer on ComingSoon.net very soon. (It’s one not to miss for anyone who wants to learn more about the origins of “The Spider-Pig Contata” or some of Mr. Zimmer’s other exciting plans, some of them involving “pirates.”)

Comic-Con Exclusive: Peter Segal on Shazam!
Source: SuperheroHype!

At Comic-Con International, Warner Bros. kicked off their presentation on Saturday with hilarious footage from their update on Get Smart directed by Peter Segal, who directed three of Adam Sandler’s recent comedies and comedy classics like The Naked Gun 33 1/3, but he’s also attached to helm New Line’s movie Shazam! based on the Fawcett and DC Comics character Captain Marvel. Produced by Michael Uslan (Batman, The Spirit) and written by John August (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), it’s one of the lighter comic superheroes, but it still might seem like a strange choice to some people considering Segal’s past work.

We sat down with Segal for an exclusive interview at Comic-Con International and asked him how the project came his way. “That I’m really looking forward to,” he told us. “We’re about to get our first draft in the next couple of weeks. Love John (August), he’s a great guy, and we’re glad to have him doing this. I think the reason why they came to me on that was the same reason they came to me 8 years ago on ‘Fantastic Four’ even though I didn’t stay on that project. We couldn’t get the budget down. I asked Stan Lee, ‘Why did you choose me?’ and he said, ‘Because our heroes have flaws and in the flaws is a sense of humor.’ It’s the same reason they came to me on ‘Shazam!’ Because it’s a 14-year-old prepubescent boy who becomes a superhero, so he’s got those same insecurities, those same fantasies. That’s where I think the heart of that movie is and I think that’s what makes it different from the other comic books.”

It turns out that Segal is a big fan of comic books and was glad to finally get a chance to tackle his first superhero project. “I was sort of a heartbroken that we could never fix the budget back 8 years ago on ‘Fantastic Four.’ It was a different time when even movies like ‘Spider-Man’ with James Cameron were being held up because the technology hadn’t reached the same level that it is today, and so the movies just cost too much. Now that the computers can help you achieve more and make a Spider-Man fly through the city, it’s still expensive but you can do it.”

“We’re really going back and looking at the source material,” he replied when asked which version of Captain Marvel has inspired August’s script. “There are multiple incarnations of Captain Marvel. It’s been reinvented over the last few years and Black Adam has had a resurgence in popularity, so we’re looking at the whole 70 year life of it and drawing from it.” Segal also remarked that we can expect the Marvel Family to show up as well.

“There’s still going to be a lot of kick-ass action,” he added, “but I think there’s going to be a sweetness also.”

Get Smart opens on June 20, 2008, but Segal should be done with that later this year and ready to hit Shazam!. Look for more with Segal on the Warners action-comedy at ComingSoon.net.

Sony Sued For PS3’s Cell
Source: G4TV.com

Texas based tech company International Parallel Machines has a bone to pick with Sony. The firm has asserted (via lawsuit) that the PlayStation 3’s cell processors have, like, infringed on a patent, man.

The suit claims Sony’s use of the Cell processor is “causing irreparable harm and monetary damage,” and seeks fees and damages. Pretty standard, right? But the company also wants a recall and destruction of any and all Sony products that use the technology.


Sony has thus far refused to comment. The cell processor was developed jointly by Sony, IBM and Toshiba.

We’re no lawyers or anything, and maybe International Parallel Machines has a point, or maybe (just maybe) this is one of those patent-trolling things, where small companies sue big companies not because they believe they have a case, but because they think the bigger companies will settle and they’ll get some dough. Capitalism is fun!


The Associated Press says that Britney Spears threw a baby bottle and threatened to kill two photographers after they took pictures of her leaving a Las Vegas spa. According to a statement:

Spears yelled “I am going to kill you! I am going to fucking kill you!,” at Andrew Deetz, the photographer who was allegedly beaten by Spears’ bodyguard on Thursday
The men were taking pictures of Spears and her children as they left the spa at the Wynn Las Vegas casino-hotel at about 11:30 a.m., accompanied by two bodyguards.
One bodyguard, Cesar Julio Camera, pushed Henderson (the other photopgrapher) against the wall until Wynn security intervened.
Afterward, Spears ran toward Henderson but was stopped by security, and then threw a baby bottle at him.
Then, in front of several other hotel guests and bystanders, Spears threatened to kill Deetz and said he should get a restraining order against her because she was going to kill him or hire someone that would.

Poor little Britney. No one seems to understand her and the pressure she’s under. Eating fried chicken and cheetoes, while washing it down with an ice cold PBR is tough work. All the while she’s working on a new music video, blaming the media and former assistants for her outrageous behavior, chain smoking Marlboro lights, maintaining her girlish figure and caring for her two little inmates-to-be. That’s a thankless job people. All I know is that she is just about ready to snap. Lucky for us, the cameras will be there to catch every yummy second of it.

Python Sneaks Up on, Bites 15-Month-Old in N.C. Park
Source: Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 15-month-old boy suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a 4-foot ball python in a Mecklenburg County park here.

Christine Abdelmonem had taken her son, Adam, to get a better look at some ducks waddling nearby in Freedom Park on Monday. As she lowered the boy to the ground, she felt a tug and saw the snake wrapped around his leg.

She screamed for help and two maintenance workers rushed over. One hit the nonvenomous snake with a shovel before trapping it in a bucket, said Karla Thornhill of Mecklenburg Park and Recreation.

Adam was treated at Carolinas Medical Center for bite marks on his leg.

“When I pulled it off, he was fine,” Abdelmonem said. “I wasn’t.”

John Calchera, a pet store owner in nearby Pineville, took in the constrictor snake. He thinks it may have been abandoned by a pet owner and that it won’t survive being beaten.

“It’s a totally harmless thing,” he said. “Why attack a harmless thing?”

I posted this story because it happened not too far from where I live and I saw this story on my local news last night. Now I don’t know about you, but I probably would have reacted the same way, one big difference is that I wouldn’t have stopped beating that snake until I was 100% certain it was dead. It’s true that I am an animal lover and believe that all creatures have the right to live…however, if you jump out of a bush and attack me, then all bets are off and then it’s time to show you just what evolution and opposible thumbs are all about.

Transformers Soundtrack

It was previously reported that Sony had no plans to release the soundtrack to Transformers. But just this week, Diamond Comics has a Transformers Official Soundtrack on their shipping list for this week. Whether this is the movie soundtrack or some other soundtrack is unknown at this time. My guess would be that since Sony released samples of the soundtracks a few weeks before the movie was released that they planned to release the entire soundtrack. No one really knows at this point and all the die hard Transformers fans will be eagerly waiting for the shipments from Diamond to arrive. The Word will keep everyone posted of any sightings.

Lionsgate Release Confirms Punisher 2 Details
Source: Lionsgate

A new press release from Lionsgate this morning confirms that The Punisher 2 will be directed by Lexi Alexander, will star Ray Stevenson and will start shooting in Montreal this October. The press release follows:

As part of the continued growth of its television and motion picture production businesses, Lionsgate, the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, today announced a four-year, $400 million filmed entertainment slate financing agreement with Societe generale de financement du Quebec (SGF), the provincial government’s investment arm that has a $2 billion investment portfolio. As part of its continued effort to promote production of foreign films and television series in Quebec, SGF will finance up to 35% of production costs of television and feature film productions shot in Quebec for a four-year period for an aggregate investment of up to $140 million. The transaction will encompass a broad range of future Lionsgate television and feature film productions in the Province of Quebec, including the planned October 2007 production of Lionsgate’s next Punisher film, starring Ray Stevenson (from HBO’s hit series Rome) and directed by Oscar ® nominee Lexi Alexander.

“We are delighted to partner with SGF in the financing of our growth,” said Lionsgate Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer. “This transaction reflects our commitment to form innovative and cost-effective alliances to continue expanding our television and motion picture production.”

“SGF is pleased to participate with Lionsgate in this exciting venture which will have a significant impact on Quebec’s filmed entertainment industry,” said SGF’s Chairman of the Board, President and General Manager, Pierre Shedleur. “We anticipate the creation of more than 6,700 full-time equivalent jobs, generating total wages of $270 million”.

Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, Raymond Bachand, saluted this key investment. “This investment will be highly beneficial for Quebec’s filmed entertainment industry. Foreign productions are vital for the growth of this sector and for the continued development of the industry’s workforce in Quebec.”

Lionsgate noted that the agreement maintains its historic commitment to major production initiatives in Canada. Under the arrangement, SGF will finance up to 35% of the budgeted costs of television and feature film productions shot in Quebec. The announcement follows Lionsgate’s May 2007 formation of a $400 million, 23-picture theatrical slate financing agreement led by Goldman, Sachs & Co., JP Morgan Chase and Jefferies & Co. as well as SGF’s investment in the $212,5 million financing of Joel Silver’s Dark Castle slate in 2006.

On the Lionsgate side, the deal was orchestrated by Lionsgate General Counsel and EVP Corporate Operations Wayne Levin, EVP Structured Finance Mark Manuel, and the law firms Heenan Blaikie LLP and O’Melveny & Myers LLP. The deal was referred to Lionsgate through John Burke of the law and lobbying firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP.

On the SGF side, the deal was driven by SGF’s Legal Counsel Donna Benedek, and Senior Vice-President, Investments Support and Management, Yves Bourque. Joey Mastrogiuseppe of the law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain, LLP and Kaye Scholer, LLP advised SGF.

Well kids, that seems to be it for today. As always, The Word of the Nerd will keep you posted on all the news you didn’t think you cared about.