Getting back into comic book collecting is making things difficult for me. Man those things have gotten expensive. I picked up some back issues of some TF comics that I had way back when. Frequent readers will remember that I lost almost my entire comic collection some years ago. If you’re interested in knowing how and why, let me know and I will find that blog and post it again, it’s pretty entertaining. Anyway, I decided to try and piece it back together the best I could. To let you know just how much comics have gone up in price over the years, a new comic will cost you $3.99 on average. When I first started collecting, they cost fifty cents. I ranted and raved when they went up to $1.25. Oh how I wish for those days to return.

I think overall that comics have gotten a lot better and have come a long way. With the success of many independant publishers, there are a lot more interesting books out there. The big comic surge of the 90s and its eventual crash a short time later really left it’s mark on the industry. It’s slowly coming out of that, but there is still a long way to go. That has also made my dream of one day owning and running my own comic book store just that much more of a fleeting dream. Owning a comic store is a risky thing and most of them do not survive long. Maybe I should just work in one?

Boy, the news has kinda died down in the wake of ComicCon last week. The Christmas movie season really doesn’t show much promise, and I am pinning my hopes on next summer. Iron Man and The Dark Knight alone have me all excited for next summer to arrive. Let’s hope that Michael Bay gets to work soon on the Transformers sequel.

So kids, I’m off to gather all that nerdalicious news you crave and will have a post for you soon. Fly low and beat the radar.