So it looks like there have been some major developments today in the world of geekdom. Let’s get to it.

Marvel Entertainment’s Upcoming Slate
Source: Marvel Entertainment, Inc. August 7, 2007

Marvel Entertainment reported its second quarter earnings this morning for 2007 and, as usual, included the company’s upcoming slate of projects. Here’s the movies, TV shows, DVDs, musical and games in the works:

Licensed Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up
Wolverine, Fox – Director engaged (Gavin Hood)
Punisher 2, Lionsgate – Director (Lexi Alexander) and lead actor engaged (Ray Stevenson)

Film Projects Being Developed by Marvel – partial list
Iron Man, Marvel – Completed principal photography; May 2, 2008 release
The Incredible Hulk, Marvel – Commenced principal photography; June 13, 2008 release
Ant-Man, Marvel – Writer (Edward Wright, Joe Cornish) and director (Edgar Wright) engaged
Captain America, Marvel – Writer engaged (David Self)
Nick Fury, Marvel – Writer engaged (Andrew Marlowe)
Thor, Marvel – Writer engaged (Mark Protosevich)
The Avengers, Marvel – Writer engaged (Zak Penn)

Marvel Character Animated TV Projects
“Spider-Man,” Sony – In development; US distribution agreement with Kids’ WB
“Wolverine and the X-Men,” First Serve Toonz (India) – 26, 30 minute episodes in development
“Iron Man,” Method Films (France) 26, 30 minute episodes in development

Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-DVD Projects
Doctor Strange, Lionsgate – August 14, 2007 release
Teen Avengers, Lionsgate – Targeted July 2008 release
Hulk Smash, Lionsgate – Targeted October 2008 release

Marvel Character Live Stage Projects
“Spider-Man the Musical,” Hello Entertainment/David Garfinkle, Martin McCallum, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment – In development/opening date to be determined; Julie Taymor director; music & lyrics by U2’s Bono and The Edge

Marvel 2008 Video Game Releases (Release dates controlled by Publishing partner)
“Iron Man,” Sega – Targeted 2008
“The Incredible Hulk,” Sega – Targeted 2008

Tom Cruise To Cameo In Star Trek XI?

A new rumor appeared online today claiming that Star Trek XI director J.J. Abrams is hoping to cast Tom Cruise as Captain Christopher Pike.

Similar rumors also appeared on the internet last Fall, when Cruise was mentioned for one of the film’s main roles. A Cruise spokesman then denied the rumors, which already seemed unlikely due to the public feud between Cruise and Viacom chief Sumner Redstone. However, these new rumors only claim Abrams is looking at Cruise for a cameo role, which might be a favor the star would be willing to grant to his Mission: Impossible III director.

Christopher Pike was captain of the Enterprise in the unaired pilot for the original Star Trek series, “The Cage.” Footage from that pilot, in which Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter, was later used in the two-part episode “The Menagerie.” In established Star Trek lore, Spock already served aboard the Enterprise under Captain Pike before Kirk took command of the ship, so there seem to be numerous ways in which Pike could be included in the story for the new film.

IGN stressed that at this point there only seems to be a proposal from Abrams, and that there’s no indication as to whether Cruise will actually accept the role.

In addition to their Cruise rumor, IGN noted that Paramount is trying to land an “A-lister” to play the film’s main villain, but the site didn’t reveal the name of this actor.

‘Supergirl’ Guests On ‘Smallville’

Helen Slater, who once was the star of a little movie called Supergirl, will be a guest star on this season of Smallville as Supergirl’s aunt…and Superman’s Kryptonian mother. Talk about messing with the family line. Unless she were at some point to play Lois Lane, Slater will have played as many female parts in the Superman universe as one person could logically hold down.

In the meantime, for those of you who do not remember Supergirl, it would serve you well to forget it was ever made. A blown-out 80’s feature with very little in common with the successful, and often quality, Superman movies of the day, Supergirl starred Slater and Faye Dunaway doing a very early prototype version of Meryl Streep’s character from The Devil Wears Prada.

California Shoots Down Game Law

In a variation of a story we’ve told before, the courts of the adorable state of California have struck down a law aimed at limiting the sale of violent and/or sexual games to minors.

The legislation , originally proposed by Leland Yee (now a Senator) and signed into law by Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger sought to restrict the sale or rental to anyone under the age of 18 of videogames that are classified as “violent video games” if the depictions of violence in the games are offensive to the community or if the violence depicted is committed in an “especially heinous, cruel, or depraved” manner.

“It was inevitable that the federal district court would find the California video game restriction law unconstitutional, as eight similar laws around the country have been overturned in the past six years,” commented Bo Andersen, President of the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA). “We informed the legislature that this would be the eventual result when it was considering the law, and it is indeed unfortunate that legislature ignored the prior cases.

Less Expensive Xboxes Hit August 8th

Microsoft would like us to tell you that the less-expensive Xbox 360s are hitting the market on August 8th.

Here’s how the prices are going to break down:

20 gig HD will cost $349.99
Core system: $279.99
120 gig Elite: $449.99 (wth black finish)

Halo 3 editions (avail. in September, with Spartan green-and-gold finish) $399.99
Microsoft also wants you to know that it thinks it has the “greatest holiday lineup in video game history.” Here’s the evidence:

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock (RedOctane/Activision)
Halo 3 (Bungie Studios)
Madden NFL 08 (EA)
Rock Band (MTV Games)
BioShock (2K Games)
Lost Odyssey (Mistwalker and Feel Plus)
Blue Dragon (Mistwalker and Artoon Co. Ltd.)
Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action (Screenlife)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (Bizarre Creations Ltd.)
Mass Effect (BioWare Corp.)
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (Ubisoft)
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Here’s a quote: “The fact that we have been able to keep our launch price longer than any other console while retaining our leadership position demonstrates that consumers believe in the value of Xbox 360,” Mitch Koch, corporate vice president, Global Retail Sales and Marketing Group, Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft said in a press release. “On the eve of the best holiday games lineup ever and the launch of ‘Madden NFL 08,’ there has never been a better time to jump into Xbox 360.”

Transformers Movie Makes $591,368,975 Worldwide

Weeks after its release, the Transformers Movie is continuing to flex its mussel. This weekends numbers are in and Box Office Mojo has posted them. So far the film earned $296,379,328 in the United States and $591,368,975 worldwide!