Well now, it seems we are all living a moment in history. Barry Bonds has broken Hank Aaron’s 33 year old homerun record. Man what times we live in. NFL preseason is about to start full swing. The Democratic Party is starting to squabble from within, while the Republicans have no clue what they are doing.

Britney Spears continues her downward spiral as the Queen of White Trash being naked and drunk (as usual) in a hot tub full of gay men, one of which she made out with and “almost” had sex with. How sad for her. She use to be every mans wet dream, now she’s a punchline. See, listen to this. Why did the chicken cross the road? Britney Spears. See how funny that was?

Star Trek Has its New Chekov and will Tom Cruise also feature?
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Despite the fact that it was widely expected that JJ Abrams – bespectacled genius and director of the new Star Trek film – would announce the movie’s cast at the San Diego Comic-Con recently, he actually only confirmed two bits of news: Zachary Quinto would play a younger Spock in the prequel, while Leonard Nimoy himself would put on the pointy ears yet again to play the implacable Vulcan for one final time in flash-forward sequences.

But Abrams did say that we could expect further casting announcements soon, and true to his word, today the original Starship Enterprise got its young navigator – Russian ensign, Pavel Chekov, with Anton Yelchin stepping into the shoes and Beatles hairdo of Walter Koenig.

Although Empire has a lot of affection for Koenig and his performance across the TV show and films – his strangled cry of “Botany Bay!” in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan is a particular office favourite – we are ready to admit that his Russian accent as Chekov (reportedly added to the Star Trek cast by Gene Roddenberry to show that in the future, America had made up with its Cold War rival, Russia) was on the dodgy side.

Well, Yelchin should have no problem with that side of things. A naturalised American, he was actually born in Leningrad. OK, he moved to the States when he was six months old, but his accent should be bona fide.

A decent young actor, the 18 year-old Yelchin has been quietly making an impression in such films as Alpha Dog, Hearts Of Atlantis and more recently as the title character in Charlie Bartlett. His youth would lend credence to the rumours that Abrams’ movie will focus on the adventures of Kirk, Spock and co. during their days at Starfleet Academy.

Casting is currently underway in New York and London for the rest of the movie’s major roles, including Bones, Uhura, Sulu and of course Captain James T. Kirk, who is expected to be played by a big name (not Matt Damon, though; that piece of gossip has been well and truly put to bed).

And speaking of big names, one very exciting rumour doing the rounds at the moment is that Abrams has approached his old Mission: Impossible III mucker, Tom Cruise, to cameo in the movie as Captain Christopher Pike, the Enterprise’s original captain, who was played by Jeffrey Hunter in Star Trek’s pilot, The Cage.

Halo Special Edition 360 Console Contents
Source: G4TV.com

Mo’ Halo coming our way this September. The Chief’s bringing along some new hardware alongside the release of Halo 3. Here’s what’s inside Microsoft’s very, very special Xbox 360 Halo Edition:

Halo 3 Special Edition Console
Halo 3 Special Edition Wireless Controller
Halo 3 Special Edtion 20GB Hard Drive
Halo 3 Special Edition Wired Headset
Gamer Pics…no, wait…Halo 3 Special Edition Gamer Pics and Theme (via Xbox Live download)
Component HD AV Cable
Ethernet Cable
Play and Charge Kit
Xbox Live Silver Membership
One month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

Unfortunately, unlike the previous Xbox Halo Edition console which came with the original Halo, Halo 3 won’t be included in the package. This spartan green and gold package will cost $399.99-$50 bucks more than the now priced $349.99 premium package and $50 bucks less than the Elite package.

The Juice Is Not Loose In All-Pro Football
Source: G4TV.com

Earlier, it was reported that O.J. Simpson was a player in recent videogame All Pro Football, and the minor controversy that erupted because the game has a team called “The Assassins.” Maybe you responded with, “That’s not fair! O.J. shouldn’t get any money from his notoriety!”

Well, looks like he won’t.

Relatives of murder victim Ron Goldman won a court order on Tuesday seizing any money O.J. Simpson earns for lending his name and likeness to the game.

Last week, Fred Goldman secured rights to Simpson’s book, If I Did It. and Simpson’s reported $1 million advance.

I say good for the Goldmans. Fuck you O.J., you’re a bad guy!

Avengers/Transformers Issue# 2 Out Today

Just a friendly reminder that issue 2 of the Avengers/Transformers crossover series will be comic stores today. I wasn’t really impressed too much with the first issue storywise. The artwork was of course fantastic and I was intrigued enough to want to continue the story. Hopefully things will pick up as this four issue series continues.

Jonny Quest Coming to the Big Screen
Source: Variety

Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter, who have the video game-based Hitman opening on October 12 from Fox, will produce a live-action adaptation of popular 1960s animated TV series Jonny Quest at Warner Bros. Pictures, with Dan Mazeau writing the script.

The Hanna-Barbera series revolved around a young boy who travels the world with his scientist father, adopted brother from India, Bandit the bulldog, and a government agent assigned to protect them as they go on their adventures investigating scientific mysteries.

The show, which is owned by Warner Bros. Animation, aired during primetime on ABC in 1964, lasting only one season. It was updated in the late ’80s and ’90s as “The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest” on the Cartoon Network. Property’s also been spun off as a comic book from DC.

Askarieh, a longtime fan of the series, is hoping to turn the property into a family-friendly adventure franchise.

Carla Gugino is Sally Jupiter in Watchmen
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Carla Gugino (Sin City) has joined the cast of Watchmen, the Warner Bros. adaptation of the DC Comics limited series.

She joins Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Matthew Goode, Billy Crudup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Akerman in the Warner Bros. movie, which is set in an alternate America that has passed a law banning costumed crime fighters. When one is murdered, the remaining members set out to solve the mystery.

Gugino will play Sally Jupiter, a burlesque dancer-turned-costumed heroine and sex symbol the Silk Spectre who is part of the Minutemen, a group of heroes who preceded the Watchmen. She also is the mother of the new Silk Spectre (Akerman). Gugino is expected to portray Jupiter in varying eras, playing different ages throughout the movie.

Zack Snyder (300) will direct the film, which is set to start shooting in the fall in Vancouver.