Okay, okay, it’s been a few days and this update is a little late. I’ve been sick and really didn’t feel up to sitting in front of the computer for a few days. In spite of what my co-workers say, I did not have the Madden Flu. A lot has happened in my absence and I cannot wait to get into all the geektastic news.

It’s been a big week so far for Star Trek news and NFL gaming fans. Madden 08 hit the stores on Tuesday and hardcore fans have not looked back. This year’s edition of the popular sports game is getting good reviews across most major platforms. So far, the XBox 360 version is getting the most praise. PS3 reviews are mixed as reports of bugs and glitches are coming in. One major glitch so far comes from my neighbor who after installing it on his PC with Windows Veesta, the game crashes when he tries to go to EA Online. So far, the EA website has nothing on this particular problem.

Lindsey Lohan was actually spotted in Utah where she is reported to be enrolled in a rehab facility. There were photos taken of her walking through town, shopping and smoking. Let’s see if third times a charm Lindsey.

Crowe As Star Trek Villian?
Source: TrekToday

With Tom Cruise said to be J.J. Abrams’ choice to play Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek, the hoped-for villain is rumored to be an equally in demand star: Russell Crowe.

IGN reported that Paramount “is trying to woo none other than Oscar winner Russell Crowe” to play the main adversary, though Crowe has a busy schedule already planned for the next several months. The source who spoke to IGN did not say whether the villain would be human or alien, though IGN took the idea of the Gladiator star’s consideration to mean that the villain was expected to be a leader.

IGN also suggested that casting a major star like Cruise or Crowe would require a Kirk capable of rising to such levels, particularly since, according to Trek canon, Kirk must will the loyalty of Pike’s science officer, Spock. With the role of Chekov said to be cast, it is not known which other familiar characters from the original series will ultimately appear.

As to whether Kirk will have a love interest, IGN noted that the film might be set in the era when Kirk and Carol Marcus conceived son David. Previous rumors have said that Spock would find romance – one publication suggested Jennifer Garner in the role – but Abrams has confirmed no such story details.

Nichols To Join Takei On Heroes
Source: TrekToday

Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) will be joining her Original Series cast mate George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) on the NBC hit show Heroes next season.

According to a report on the Trek Movie Report, Nichols will have a recurring role on the show, appearing in five or six episodes. Nichols’ addition to the show was already hinted at recently by Heroes creator Tim Kring, when he told E! Online he was looking “for another face that will have a very similar impact” to genre fans as the casting of Takei did.

Heroes was the most successful drama series on NBC last year. Halfway through the first season, Takei joined the show as Kaito Nakamura, the father of a young Japanese Star Trek fan who can move through time and space using only his will. Last month, word already leaked out that former Star Trek: Enterprise star Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) will be playing an Irish mobster during several episodes of the show’s second season.

In related news, another Heroes star recently spoke out about his desire to land a role on Star Trek XI. Following Zachary Quinto being cast as Spock, James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando on Heroes, yesterday told IESB.net he would love to play the role of Hikaru Sulu. A video interview in which Lee makes clear how serious he is about trying to get into the film can be found here.

Transformers At Food Lion AutoFair

The 2009 yellow Chevy Camaro (Bumblebee) and the black GMC Topkick (Ironhide) will be on display at the Food Lion AutoFair being held at Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, September 13-16. For more information, go here.

SCI-FI Pulls Plug On ‘Painkiller Jane’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The SCI-FI Channel has cancelled Painkiller Jane only 16 episodes into the season. The network will most likely air the remaining episodes, with a series finale slated for Sept. 21.

Sen. Patrick Leahy Lands Dark Knight Role
Source: SuperheroHype!

CNN reports that Sen. Patrick Leahy has landed his third Batman-related role:

Vermont’s senior senator has landed a speaking role in the newest Batman movie, CNN affiliate WPTZ reports and confirmed by Leahy’s office.

Leahy is apparently a big comic book enthusiast, and actually served as an extra in the 1997 Batman installment: Batman and Robin.

The senator told the station he can’t reveal the exact details of his role in the upcoming movie, but he did say he has landed a scene with its two stars, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger.

He also provided a voice for an episode of “Batman: The Animated Series” playing himself.

There’s No Stopping the 300
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

300 crushed the competition during its second week in video stores, retaining the top spot on the national sales chart despite a strong challenge from Disturbia, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The newcomer, with a box office gross of more than $80 million, debuted at No. 2 on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart for the week ending August 12, though its total unit sales were only about 53% of those of 300.

Disturbia did manage a No. 1 bow on Home Media Magazine’s video rental chart, generating $9.7 million. That was enough to push 300 to No. 2 with $9.5 million.

TMNT debuted at No. 3 on the sales chart but could muster only a 12th-place bow on the rental chart.

The Ice Cube comedy sequel Are We Done Yet? debuted at No. 4 on the sales chart and at No. 3 on the rental chart, with earnings pegged at $6.8 million. Fox’s Season 10 set of “The Simpsons” bowed at No. 5 on the sales chart.

In the high-definition disc arena, 300 was the No. 1 seller on both the Blu-ray Disc and the HD DVD charts.

(RUMOR) Transformers The Movie Score Will Be Released–Confirmed By Top Exec?
Source: Seibertron

If you’ve been paying attention to the news the last month, the status of the Transformers Movie Score Soundtrack has been a topic of concern.

Well, after creating a petition, and being rather rambunctious toward promoting the release of the score, Chris Knight of THE KNIGHT SHIFT has stated that he has confirmation from Senior Vice President at Paramount, Dan Butler that it will indeed be released.

An e-mail from his source:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dan Butler at Paramount
Date: Aug 16, 2007 4:12 AM
Subject: RE: Transformers Original Score
To: Sam Witwicky

There will be a score album released shortly on Warner Bros. Records. Thanks for your interest!

Dan Butler
Senior Vice President
Business Affairs ; Legal – Music
Paramount Pictures

It sounds like it is official. But since there is no official statement from Paramount yet, we still need to hold this information as RUMOR only.

Emmerich Takes A Fantastic Voyage
Source: Empire Online

He’s taken a journey to 10,000BC, and now Roland Emmerich is set to go back to the future with sci-fi remake The Fantastic Voyage. For those of you born in the ’60s or early ’70s, that’s the one with Raquel Welsh. For those of you born in the late ’70s or afterwards, it’s the one that’s a bit like Inner Space.

The story is about a scientist who’s dying of a blood clot following an assassination attempt (at least in the original). The only chance to save him is for a team of doctors and scientists to make use of radical new miniaturisation technology, shrink themselves and a submarine and make their way into his body to fix the clot. The only problem is that they’ll also have to make it out again before the sub re-expanded; otherwise they could find that the vehicle ends up with a new coat of scientist-coloured paint.

Emmerich was attached to this project once before about ten years back, and he came back on board after seeing a recent treatment by Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, the wonderfully-monikered screenwriters behind the upcoming National Treasure 2. They’re in talks to write the script now, so the film could go into production next year.

Sony: PS3 Failure Rate At 0.2%
Source: The Feed

With some estimating that the Xbox 360’s failure-rate is as high as 33%, Sony wants you to know the PlayStation 3 is very, very stable. How stable? According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe founder Chris Deering, the PS3’s default rate is “around 0.2%.”

Braggable, we think you will agree. That estimate combined with PS3 Vault’s recent stress-tests (which included running a PS3 in a sauna, then in a freezer, for hours and hours) add up to one nearly unbreakable system.

Unbreakable like a Fisher Price toy or like Bruce Willis in that movie, Hudson Hawk.

Amy Winehouse Is Cured
Source: What Would Tyler Durden Do

Amy Winehouse left rehab yesterday after staying for less than 48 hours, then took a helicopter to London for a brain scan. The Sun UK says:

She left a clinic in Essex and flew back to Camden, North London .. Later she and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil visited a private doctors surgery in central London — before planning a night out with pals.
Her worried parents Mitch and Janis are now considering getting her SECTIONED to force her into getting help for her problems.
Doctors ordered Amy, 23, to have the brain scan after she had a seizure during her overdose. It will reveal whether the singer has a form of epilepsy — which could have been undetected until now.

Yeah that’s probably it. She probably has epilepsy and no one knew it until the day she chased heroin and cocaine with horse tranquillizers. Doctors see that sort of thing all day. In fact that’s how some of the more progressive hospitals test for epilepsy, they give you tons of heroin and cocaine and horse tranquillizers. If you have a bad reaction, you’re epileptic, If not, hey, no harm done.

Clock Ticks Down For Vick
Source: CNN.com

RICHMOND, Virginia (CNN) — Michael Vick is considering joining two co-defendants who will ask a judge Friday to sign off on their plea agreements in a federal dogfighting case, according to a spokesman and published reports.

NFL star Michael Vick after a court appearance last month.

Without an agreement in place by the end of the week, Vick could face new, more serious charges when a grand jury reconvenes on Monday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in its Thursday editions that Vick is waiting to hear from the NFL how a guilty plea might affect his football career.

If he does not agree to a deal, the newspaper reported, Vick could be charged with racketeering in a superseding indictment.

Read the entire article here