I think I might starting doing this on a weekly basis, The Humpday Spectacular. Sort of a way to refresh the mind and spirit in the middle of the week to get ready for the upcoming weekend. Content will probably vary from week to week, but maybe this will catch on.

So looking forward to the three day weekend. I’ve been struck with the home improvement bug and plan on using the extra time to paint my kitchen this weekend. Then soon after that is finished, I plan on tackling one of my spare bathrooms. This is what happens when you watch too much HGTV.

So lets get on with it shall we? I apologize in advance to anyone I might offend.

Dark Knight Teaser In HD

Yahoo Movies has posted the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight in HD and Flash formats. You can see the trailer by clicking here.

Transformers Passes Pirates Domestically
Source: Superhero Hype!

According to Box Office Mojo, Transformers ($308.7 million) has now officially surpassed Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End ($308.1 million) in domestic revenue for the third-biggest movie of the summer (behind Spider-Man 3 ($336.5 million) and Shrek the Third ($321 million)).

The Michael Bay-directed blockbuster was made for about $150 million, not counting marketing costs. It has pulled in an additional $367.1 million overseas for a worldwide total of $675.8 million, which is the fifth-best of the year.

The Nerd: Based on how bad Spider-Man 3 & Shrek The Third were, I can only hope that a Transformers sequel will out gross the aforementioned box office disappointments.

Goyer on Magneto and Super Max
Source: Wizard

Wizard caught up with David Goyer at Wizard World Chicago and asked him about Magneto, the “X-Men” spinoff he’s writing and directing:

“We’re scouting and budgeting now. It’s the origins of the X-Men with Magneto and Charles Xavier. We’ve done some scouts and it mostly takes place in Europe and Argentina. We’re doing budgets and we’re sort of halfway crewed up, and so that’ll be the big question: whether we can bring it in for a price. But that’s all I can say.”

He also talked a bit more about Super Max, which he is producing. Justing Marks is writing the film about Green Arrow, who is being wrongly imprisoned in a jail for supervillains:

“We haven’t even officially turned in a script for that yet. The idea is that they’re mostly sort of third-tier DC villains, but that was part of the fun, that they’re relatively obscure. But Icicle is in it from JSA—from my days on writing that. I mean, people will recognize most of them. What we did was present to DC a list of people we wanted, and then they went through it on a case-by-case basis and told us whether we could have them or not.”

Click here for more of the interview.

Iron Man Set Visit Preview
Source: Superhero Hype!

Cocky, charming, rich, bruised and, oh yes, who can forget the iron. The ladies may love industrialist Tony Stark’s second and third listed attributes, but it’s the suit made of iron he disguises himself in that has attracted over forty years’ worth of “Iron Man” readers. And, boy, what a helluva trip they’ve been taken on. Since Stark’s introduction as Iron Man in the pages of “Tales of Suspense” in 1963 he has undergone armor changes, overcome a pesky heart condition and sundry enemies and, most recently, become a key player in an epic “Civil War” which left Captain America dead. Ouch. Still, at the center of Iron Man’s firepower and strength – like so many of the Stan Lee-created characters – there beats a sense of pathos. Stark’s soul is flawed, battling various personal demons. And it’s these complexities that make him a primo candidate for a big screen adventure.

As with so many comic book properties, an “Iron Man” feature film has been talked about for years; speculation on top of rumors on top of false attachments from big stars. This all came to a head in 2006 when Marvel Entertainment and Paramount announced they were uniting for a big budget Iron Man summer movie spectacle. Director Jon Favreau (Zathura) and the writing team of Arthur Marcum, Matt Holloway, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby faced the daunting and enviable task of sifting through decades of mythology and distilling it into a workable narrative. More importantly, they had to make it appealing to a wide audience.

In a brilliant stroke of inspired casting that got the fans talking, Favreau found all of the required qualities of Stark in Robert Downey Jr., the titular hero, a billionaire inventor kidnapped for his brilliance and forced to conceive a nefarious weapon. Wounded and driven to escape his captors, Stark builds an iron suit which will evolve as he comes to use it to fight evil. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Leslie Bibb, Nazanin Boniadi, Shaun Toub, Terrence Howard and Bill Smitrovich co-star in roles true to the source material such as Virginia “Pepper” Potts, Obadiah Stane, et al.

Rather than jump into the midst of the action, Favreau has opted to tell an origin story, a Joseph Campbell-like journey focusing on Stark’s rise as Iron Man. Audiences will witness the birth of the Mark 1 suit and the now-familiar yellow ‘n red guise. How Favreau intends to pull it all off is guarded in secrecy on a level unlike anything this writer has ever seen. ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! was smacked with the heavy hand of confidentiality while visiting the set of Iron Man earlier this summer, however, we can say now the sights, particularly the sets located within a massive hangar once utilized by Howard Hughes himself (a figure who served as inspiration for the Stark character) were cavernous and magnificent.

Save for a devastated room said to be located beneath Stark Industries, little of what we saw prepared us for the action-packed preview Favreau revealed at Comic-Con which featured Iron Man punching, flying and taking a bullet to the head. But what we did see firmed up our image of Stark himself, so keep it here in the coming months as we roll out a proper set visit along with interviews with Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Favreau and Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

Iron Man flies into theaters on May 2, 2008 to kick your expectations where it hurts with a big metal boot.

Amazon Offers Amazing HD-DVD Deal
Source: The Feed

Amazon.com is going absolutely nutso with the HD-DVD deals. Check this one out: $179 dollars will get you an HD-DVD add-on to your 360 with nine movies.

Okay, bargain hunters? You have to get a little fancy with the coupons and mail-in rebates, but as far as we know, it’s a totally legit way to get a bargain basement HD-DVD player into your life.

Here are the instructions.

‘Bionic Woman’ Michelle Ryan Flexes Her Geek Muscle
Source: Wizard Entertainment

In an interview with Wizard, Michelle Ryan discusses her tomboy side as well as discovering a love for Star Wars.

Turning 18 in 2002 made Ryan eligible for the British FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list. She knocked ’em dead that year at No. 70. Then in ’04 she hit No. 21 before reaching her highest spot in ’05 when she garnered enough praise to steal the No. 4 spot, edging out contenders such as the sexified Elisha Cuthbert and Britney “What happened to me?” Spears.

Ryan also gives her take on the differences between her character and the original character played by Lindsey Wagner.

Forget what you may know about the original Bionic Woman—that’s what Ryan does. “I remember thinking [star] Lindsay Wagner looked like a very nice and very pretty lady, and that was about it,” laughs Ryan. “I haven’t watched it since. I wanted to see it as a completely new project and not have any of the old project in my mind, really.”

To read the entire article, click here.