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In some kind of new marketing scheme put into place by my local comic store they slipped in some of the Blackest Night titles into my reserve box.  I have been reading Green Lantern for a while now, but was almost ready to give up on it because it was getting a little too weird for my tastes.

But then Batman died and things changed in the DC universe.  The Blackest Night is beginning and Green Lantern has gone from weird to creepy.  It is a little disturbing to see heroes you once looked up to rising from the dead and eating the hearts out of the living.

Unfortunately I began reading them a little out of order, but after reading Blackest Night #1, Blackest Night Batman 1 & 2 and the last three issues of Green Lantern, I am taken back to when I was a kid and watching those silly Bigfoot movies that scared the hell out of me.  Blackest Night actually has me looking over my shoulder as I read to make sure nothing is sneaking up on me.  I really had trouble sleeping last night after watching Hawkman and Hawkgirl get hacked to death by a superpowered zombie Enlongated Man.  It will be interesting to see who makes it through the carnage when it’s all over.

So now I am hooked into this story like you wouldn’t believe and I am once again interested in Green Lantern.  A lot has happened since Final Crisis and a lot has yet to happen.  Friends are now foes and everyone’s worst nightmares have come true.  I don’t think I will ever be able to get the image of Black Lantern holding the skull of Bruce Wayne licking the slime off of it out of my head.  Rest assured that Bruce Wayne has more to do with these events than we are aware of.


The Word 9/18/09

Another week is behind us and again a lot has been going on, so let’s get right to it.

Microsoft was true to their word and reduced the price of the XBox 360 by $100.  I wasn’t too surprised after Sony did the same with the PS3.  Now there are rumors that Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii.  Also Microsoft revealed a special COD Modern Warfare 2 edition XBox 360.  This console sports a 250GB hard drive and two wireless controllers.  But this little gem isn’t included in the price drop and will still hit you for $399.  So with the drop in price, my dreams of getting a 360 are within my grasp.  It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

Casting calls have gone out for major roles in the upcoming Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  The roles of Carol Ferris, Sinestro and Abin Sur are waiting to be filled.  Did you really think they wouldn’t have Sinestro?  It will be interesting to see who will get the roles of Abin Sur and Sinestro since they are such a intrigul part of the Green Lantern origin.  We should expect to see Green Lantern in theaters June 2011.

Now it’s time for a little reader interaction.  What do you think of The Green Hornet movie?  Is it going to bomb or will be a blockbuster?  I’d like to hear what you think.

Noob or Newbie…

Recently I have gotten back into playing Guild Wars pretty heavily.  In any game, especially one that has been out a while like Guild Wars, you get what I like to call “the regulars” and you get people who are new to the game usually called noobs or newbies.

I realized that even though I have been playing video games since I was a wee lil tot, when it came to Guild Wars, I was a newbie.  I was treated poorly and mostly ignored by the more experienced players.  So I realized that I didn’t like being labeled a “noob” and that I found the term rather offensive.  Then I made one of those “newbie mistakes” and was riddled with newbie insults and little MMO player jokes.  I was offended and my feelings were hurt…a little.  My small inner child wanted to launch into an expletive filled rant in order to defend myself, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good and would only solidify their position.  So I kept it to myself and I went on playing as if I was immune to their gabs questioning my parentage and my gaming skills in general.

Most of the time, I look down on those people who live and breathe any particular video game.  Those people who are five star generals two days after the latest Call of Duty is released.  Those people who obliviously have nothing else to do and nowhere to go but sit in their parent’s basement and play WOW for hours and hours on end.  I try to imagine the soulless, pale, pimple faced douche bags sitting there, surrounded by empty Cheetos bags and half empty bottles of Mountain Dew.  The socially inept individuals who have never even talked to a girl in their life.

But do not get me wrong, I identify with those types, they are MY people.  They are what I avoided becoming.  I am a gamer, I am proud to be a gamer and I will always be a gamer.  I also have a life and a job and a family and friends and other hobbies.  I escaped the eternal D&D game and ventured out into the real world and found there are adventures out there to be had as well.

I guess what I am trying to say is that being called a newbie, or giving out any level of abuse in a video game is immature at its finest.  I rank those people who thrive on making the uninitinated feel like lower forms of life with those who feel the need to cheat in order to win.  Are you so devoid of a soul that cheating to win in a video game is the only way to make you feel like a man?  Another type I cannot tolerate are those who would take advantage of another player either by full out lying or being deceptive.  I guess it can be said that if you are a jackass in the real world, you’re probably an extreme jackass in the virtual world.

I made a decision at the point I was being abused for not knowing what I was doing that I would not be that guy.  I wouldn’t flame an inexperienced player simply because they are new to the game.  In fact I intend to be just the opposite and help whoever I can whenever I can.  I am going to be a selfless in a world full of selfishness.  So for those who might read this, I say that you too should make an effort to not be a jackass those newbies, noobs or whatever you want to call them.  Be polite, be helpful because someday soon, YOU will be that new player and someone else will be pointing out your lack of skills.

Play often, play hard and play fair.

The Word 9/4/09

Wow…something big happened this week in the world of comic books.  Disney is buying Marvel for the low low price of 4 billion dollars.  That makes me wonder just how this will effect the Marvel universe as a whole.  Will Disney enforce their strict rules of morality on Stan and his talented team of writers and artists?  Or will they just sit back and rake in the profits?  Marvel’s stock has gone up lately at least in the movie department, coming off the huge success of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.  With an Iron Man sequel forthcoming and plans for The Avengers, Captain American and Thor moving forward, it will be interesting to see if Disney will insist on any future projects meet their approval.

I for one think that Disney should leave Marvel alone and let them keep making magic, both on the big screen and on the pages of Marvel Comics.  Being a big Iron Man fan I hope I won’t see a guest appearance by Mickey Mouse in a future issue of The Invincible Iron Man.  My message to Disney: keep your hands away from DC Comics.

Seth Rogan’s The Green Hornet has gone into production, right after news of a five month delay hit the web.  This flick so far has been plagued with issues with a director, losing their first choice of Kato and then rumors back and forth whether it would make it in front of a camera at all.  I was certainly surprised to read that production had begun.  Never being a big fan of Green Hornet to begin with, I will reserve judgment on it.  I love Seth Rogan so I will probably go see it.

I am behind big time on my comic reading.  I’ve got a stack of books almost a foot high to read, so any review I give at this point you’ve probably already read the book or have read another review of.  But I will mention that Batgirl #1 hit stands with a surprise under this particular cowl.  Stephanie Brown (aka Spoiler) has taken the cape and cowl from Cassandra Cain and is now the new bat in Gotham City.  Along with a new Dynamic Duo, Dick Greyson and Damien Wayne it looks as if the apparent death of Bruce Wayne has shaken up the Bat-Family to the core.  Barbara Gordon (formerly Batgirl now Oracle) isn’t at all happy with Stephanie’s choice to don the cape and cowl.  I loved how the story involved Stephanie’s personal life, trying to keep her late night crime fighting from her mother and trying to balance her new role as Batgirl and college. 

I was a little disappointed to see that Cassandra Cain has been replaced, but seeing how she isn’t dead, there is hope that one day she will come back to claim the costume again.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it coincides with a return of Bruce Wayne.  Come on now, do you really think he’s dead?