Once again, The Nerd is inspired to move on this blog again.  Instead of trying to scoop the many many news websites out there, I will just give commentary on the day’s biggest stories.  In addition, since my sphere of influence is more or less limited at the moment, I will give geektastic updates and the goings on in my hometown.  Those of you in the Charlotte, NC area will hopefully find this helpful, useful or at the very least entertaining.  So now on with today’s Word.

For Sale: Palm

Are we really going to miss Palm?  News broke today by Bloomberg that Palm was being shopped.  Their biggest contribution in the last, let’s say five years has been the WebOS for their phones.  But with competition of the likes of the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid, Palms just aren’t in demand or as cool as the once were.  Coming from someone who was a die hard Palm fan and an even die harder BlackBerry hater, I am not all that surprised or upset by Palm’s last dying breath.  From my trusty M515 to my super cool (at the time) Palm Treo I swore I would never switch.  Palm literally created the modern PDA and for what they were at the time, they were a revolution in geek organization.  You could take along the contacts, calendar and tasks from your PC along with you and you looked rather cool doing it.  But Palm just didn’t keep up the trend once BlackBerry came into its own.  Now even the simplest cell phone is as good if not better than the Palm PDA ever was.  The old must always make way for the young and so it is with Palm.  Even the Treo just couldn’t stand up over time to the ever expanding fleet of BlackBerry phones.  Two years ago I knew it was only a matter of time before Palm either had to put up or shut down.  I’m afraid that if the sale rumors are true that we will see Palm finally added to the list of extinct technology.  And just as the T-Rex left his imprint on the world forever so will Palm as being the first on a technology breakthrough.  So I guess I will place my M515 in my time capsule alongside my Atari 2600, TS CoCo 2 and original Xbox.

List of cool new stuff

The Halo Encyclopedia
Han Solo frozen in carbonite soap
KFC Double Down Chicken sandwich
Apple iPad
Ashley Greene

Boba Fett on The Clone Wars
Green Lantern’s all CGI costume
Batteries Plus

List of new things that suck

LOTR on BluRay
Fire ants
420 (April 20th)
Rumors of Logan Lerman as the new Spider-Man

So that is the Word for today.  Be sure to check back tomorrow.