If you didn’t already, earlier this year Bruce Wayne was killed by Darkseid during the epic Final Crisis storyline.  This left a tremendous gap in Gotham City as it’s criminals began to realize that Batman was gone.  Reluctantly Dick Grayson (aka Robin, aka Nightwing) assumed the mantle of the Dark Knight along with Bruce’s troubled son Damien as a new Robin The Boy Wonder.

But as many of you know, no one stays dead forever in comic books.  Bruce Wayne wasn’t killed, only displaced in time and is slowly making his way back.  With Bruce’s return, he gain dons the cape and cowl as Batman.  Much to my and everyone’s surprise, there will now be two Batmen protecting Gotham City.  Dick Grayson and Damien will continue as Batman & Robin, with Bruce Wayne taking on a more global role as Batman.

As a lifelong Batman fan, I am not at all comfortable with this.  In my mind there can only be one Batman and I sincerely hope that DC Comics has a little more in store than just a franchised Batman.  Yeah, the world needs a Batman, that is a truth that has been beaten into us fans over the years.  Without Batman, Gotham will tear itself apart and anarchy will reign.  But to have a Batman in every city in my mind is a little ridiculous.  As they say in Highlander; there can be only one.  Where DC is going with this I do not know and not sure if I like it.

To have more than one Green Lantern was acceptable, it was a given.  The Lantern Corps is a military organization so it makes perfect sense that there are more of them out roaming the universe.  Kryptonians, yeah there are a lot more of them now…but only one Superman.  There can’t be a whole gaggle of Supermen flying around because over time they begin to lose that special unique status that made them the icons they are.  One Superman, one Batman, that’s the way it has to be.

Batman has always been special to me because in spite of his lack of super powers, he was a genuine superhero.  He possessed the intelligence, the reasoning, the sheer will to drive him to become more than he was; the big fat bank account didn’t hurt either.  The idea that one man can make a difference has never been told so well as with Batman.  He and he alone drove fear into the hearts of Gotham’s underworld.  He always defied the odds by taking on crime alone.  He was always just a man and as such everyone could aspire to be him.  Without a power ring or being born on another planet, you couldn’t be Green Lantern or Superman.  Batman as always shown us that one man, with the drive and determination of Bruce Wayne could stand up and make a difference.

The idea that anyone could be taught or trained to be Batman takes the uniqueness away.  The mystery vanishes and it kills the idea behind Batman.  Even if Bruce Wayne himself takes them under his wing and personally trains them, they are no more Batman than Dick Grayson.  He can take his place, be he can never fill his shoes.  Just as The Joker knew right away that Dick wasn’t the real Batman, so will everyone else in time.  I urge Dan Didio and the writers over at DC to not destroy Batman like this. 

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