As cute, feel good, teen angst movies go, I have to say that Easy A is one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.  I think the reason I liked it so well was due to the great performance of Emma Stone.  I love Emma Stone in just about everything I’ve seen her in.  She brings a smart, funny and sarcastic approach to her role as Olive, a nearly invisible high school girl who accidentally gets a rumor started that she lost her virginity to an older guy.  The rumor spreads and soon she not only revels in her new found notarity, she adds to it by adding on it by helping a closeted gay schoolmate solidify a role of a straight stud in order to escape the ridicule of classmates.  But fame has a price, good and bad and soon Olive begins to regret her role as the tramp of the town.

This movie has a wonderful cast of extremely talented actors that show up to give good performances, most notablity Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Olive’s parents.  Stanley Tucci was wacky and hilarious and stole every scene he was in.  Thomas Haden Church although without a lot of screen time, did a great job as a English teacher who helps Olive with her moral compass while undergoing his own personal issues.  Lisa Kudrow plays a less than likeable guidance counselor that is a far take from her usual roles.  Amanda Bynes plays the goodie goodie religious fanatic as if she was born to it.  And rounding out the cast is Malcolm McDowell as the stern and barely seen principle.

Not to steal too much from the movie itself which mentions John Hughes classic movies in comparison, this film does Hughes’ work justice, but lacks the dramatic feel.  But that does not hurt this film at all given the potentially racy subject matter.  If you’re looking for an American Pie remake with raunchy humor and lots of nudity then you’re out of luck.  Easy A is a good popcorn date movie that leaves you feeling good when you walk out and should give the guys some bonus points with their ladies.    

Once again the bright point of Easy A is Emma Stone.  She’s cute, witty and perfect for this part and it should go a long way to earning her a place in Hollywood as an outstanding up and coming young actress.  Easy A is smart, sexy and fun.  The Nerd gives it a 4 out of 5.