We’ve all got our guilty pleasures when it comes to surfing the web.  There is always a “go-to” website you like to go to when you’re bored at work and trying to kill those last couple of hours of the day.  The website varies with your mood and general interests, but we all have a short list of sites we frequent to kill time.  Here are some that you might want to add to your personal favorites.

Wallbase – I recently discovered this site and it currently my site of choice to waste time at.  If you love wallpapers, which I do, you’ll love this site and it will provide you with hours of surfing pleasure.  It has wallpapers for nearly every subject under the sun including some NSFW material that you can easily filter out with a click of the mouse.

Angry Alien – 30 second movie parodies, re-enacted by bunnies.  Need I say more?

Funny or Die – Birthplace of The Landlord and a huge collection of celebrity videos that will have you laughing out loud.  You’ll find hilarious videos from the likes of Will Farrell, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis and many others.

Sci-Fi Meshes – This is a great place to find meshes of sci-fi spacecraft and the like.  It’s also nice to just look around at all the amazing work people post.

Ctl+Alt+Del – A hilarious online comic written and drawn by Tim Buckley.  Enjoy reading through the archived list of past comics.

Arcade Museum – Take a trip down memory lane and explore arcade games of yesteryear.  They have a growing library of over 18,000 classic arcade games.

Movie Wavs – This site hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but you can search through hundreds of wavs from movies that are free to download.

Stylin’ Online – One of the best sites out there for pop culture and music t-shirts.

Trek Core – This is a huge repository of everything Trek.  If you’re a Trekkie and you didn’t know about this site already…you’re welcome.  Let the nerdgasm commence.

Deviant Art – Don’t let the name mislead you, this is a great place for wallpapers and to look through professional and amateur artwork of every kind.  Join the community and share your work.

Chuck Norris Facts – I bet you don’t know as much about Chuck as you think you do.

Lifehacker – Whether you’re an uber-nerd or just someone looking for little shortcuts in life, Lifehacker is for you.

Okay so that should help keep you busy for a little while.  I’d like to hear what your favorite time wasting websites are, please leave me your comments.