Fall is finally here and it’s Thursday again!  Time sure does fly by.  Welcome to this week’s edition of The Word.  I have labored and sweat like a Breen in the Vulcan sun all week to bring you some of the best news and links from the world of the nerd.

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A really big post this week and some big news breaking.  So as I battle seasonal allergies, let’s get to The Word for this first full week of October.

TV Nerd

Wonder Woman Series in Development
Writer/Producer David E. Kelley is working on bringing Wonder Woman to television.  Kelley, who’s responsible for other TV hits like Ally McBeal and The Practice has been approached to write and produce a series based on the Amazon princess.  It has yet to be pitched to any network, but if Kelley can work his magic the series could fill the gap left by Smallville when it ends its ten season run next year.  Deadline has full the story.

A-Team Creator Dies
Stephen J. Cannell, creator of shows like The A-Team, 21 Jump Street and The Greatest American hero died last Thursday at the age of 69.  His career in television spanned over forty years and included many very successful and acclaimed series.

George Lucas Gives Updates On Star Wars Series
The once thought dead live-action Star Wars TV series isn’t “all the way” dead just yet.  Creator George Lucas spoke with IGN to explain the status of the series and reasons for its delay.  The main reason being the cost to produce a series with effects worthy enough to put Lucas’ name on it.  You can read more about it and catch a view of the interview at ENI.

Movie Nerd

Zack Snyder To Direct Superman
This probably some of the best news I’ve heard all week.  Zack Snyder director of Watchmen and 300 is set to helm the new Superman movie.  It was announced earlier this week that he would be directing the project, with help from Christopher Nolen.  Snyder had previously turned down an offer to direct Superman Returns.  It is still a rumor, but the villain is said to be General Zod but no word on casting at this time.  Looks like they’ve finally decided to let Lex Luthor have a rest.  I cannot wait to see how Snyder will envision Superman.  You can read more about it at Heat Vision.  In addition, sources are saying that David Goyer’s script for the movie still needs “a lot of work” but may not get it due to time constraints on the studio.  More on that at IESB.

A Darker Script for Flash in the Works

With work already being done on Green Lantern 2, DC and Warner Bros. are turning attention to their next project, The Flash.  This has been on again off again for several years, with rumors of one star or another in the title role; but plans have always fallen through.  This time it looks like the Scarlett Speedster might finally make it to the big screen.  The word around the studio is saying we’re going to be getting a darker film more to the tune of The Dark Knight or Se7en.  I hope they don’t put Flash’s head in a box because I envy him.  HA!  Get it?  You can read more about it courtesy of SuperheroHype.

Deja-Vu for X-Men: First Class
It seems that X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is recreating the opening scene from the first X-Men film shot for shot.  The scene details a young Magento being led through a Nazi concentration camp.  Which leads some to think that maybe this film is a prequel instead of a reboot.  Perhaps it’s too soon to tell but as this report from BleedingCool indicates, the movie is well into production.

Deadpool Movie Still On
When Ryan Reynolds accepted the role of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, many fans thought that the possibility of a spin off movie of the his X-Men Origins: Wolverine character Deadpool wasn’t likely.  Reynolds is saying it’s still possible.  Read more about it here.

Transformers 3 “Best Yet”, says Cast & Crew
Shia LaBeouf said in a recent interview with MTV News that this third installment of the Transformers franchise is the best of the series.  Co-star Josh Duhamel after seeing 10 minutes of footage from the film said it was “pretty awesome”.  Both actors had very positive things to say about newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who is replacing Megan Fox.  Rosie will play Carly, the new love interest for LaBeouf’s character Sam Whitwickey.  Megan Fox left the series for still unconfirmed reasons.  Read more about it here.

Emma Stone Offered Role in Spider-Man
As reported last week, Emma Stone was one of the five finalists for the female lead in the new Spider-Man film.  It has been confirmed that Stone, has been offered the role of Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane Watson.  So far no one has been chosen to play Mary Jane and may yet be offered to one of the four remaining contenders.  You can read the official press release at CBR.

Shuttle Discovery Get Role in Transformers 3

Still Hope for More Stargate Movies
Fans who are still waiting for the two promised Stargate movies may have to wait a little longer.  Stargate: Revolution and Stargate: Extinction have been delayed due to changes in the direct-to-DVD market and a shake up at MGM studios.  The problems at MGM have delayed or killed a number of projects including the next Bond film.  Executive Producer Brad Wright says they are working with MGM on a plan B.  You can read more about it at Gateworld.

New Images from Thor
Empire has posted a few new images of the upcoming Thor movie.  Chris Hemsworth looks absolutely bad-ass as the God of Thunder.  Check out the images at SuperheroHype and ENI.

Green Lantern Website Launches
There’s nothing up on the site yet except the animated movie logo, but the official GL movie website is up and running.  Get to it here.

Transformers 3 Title Leaked?
Sources are saying that Amazon might have leaked the title of the new Transformers film.  Posted on its website are titles of three tie-in books with the title Transformers – The Dark of the Moon.  Sources also say that according to DomainTools, the domain has been created.  Not so sure I am crazy about the title so hopefully the movie will help me forget about that.  You can read more about it at Seibertron.

Comic Nerd

Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego
As it is and ever should be, Comic-Con will remain in San Diego at least through 2015.  It was announced that the convention will stay in it’s original home for the last forty years.  Los Angeles and Anaheim also submitted bids for the Mecca of all things geek but lost out.  Read more about it here at G4.

Adult Stars and Their Comic Counterparts
Everyone has somebody famous they look like.  But it’s funny to see just how many porn stars there are that look like comic book characters.  Coincidence?  Check it out at Unreality.

Gaming Nerd

Blizzard Follows Through, Bans Cheaters
Bravo to you Blizzard for keeping your promise to crack down on online cheaters.  After issuing a warning a couple of weeks ago, Blizzard gave the boot to over 5000 users found to be cheating at Starcraft II.  I hope this serves as a warning to anyone else out there who thinks cheating will be tolerated.  No link, just good news.

72 Percent Of Adults In Favor Of Gaming Law
In another insane attempt to regulate common sense, California is trying to pass a law to make the sale of violent video games to minors illegal.  The fight is leading all the way to the Supreme Court after it was appealed after it’s signing.  I am in favor of not selling violent games to kids, that’s a given.  But to create a law around it is another attempt by the government to impose their sense of morality on the people.  Parents should be keeping a better eye of their kids if they are so concerned about it.  This is some more of Governor Schwarznegger’s lame attempts to get re-elected.  Read more about it at G4 and Common Sense Media.  There is also another great series of articles Video Games On Trial.

Parents Unaware of Kids Playing Online Games
This falls right into line with the previous story.  A study has revealed that most parents are unaware that their children are playing video games online.  The results show that 77 percent of Canadian children ages 6 to 17 play games online.  But only 5 percent of the parents know that their kids are online.  This is just insane, and no doubt the statistics are higher in the US.  Parents need to get the message; they should know what their kids are doing.  Read more about it at CNET and CBC.

Dedicated Servers For Black Ops
This is great news for COD fans.  In response to overwhelming criticism from users, Activision is going back to their policy of dedicated servers for the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise.  The only catch, and you knew there would be one is that users wishing to set up their own servers must use  Go read more about it at G4.

EA Folds, Takes Taliban Out of MOH
This saddens me just a little.  I am by no means pro-Taliban, but the decision by EA to remove the option to play as Taliban forces in the new Metal of Honor is only bowing to censorship.  I am sure no one at EA laughed manically as simulated Taliban fighters battled against US or other allied forces.  I respect the thoughts and feelings of soldiers and families of soldiers killed in action, but to place this out right censorship on a stupid video game is ludicrous.  Read more about it at Maximum PC.

What Type of Gamer Are You?
International Hobo has come up with a personality test to judge what type of gamer you are.  What types of challenges you look for in video games dictate the style of gamer you are.  You can read more about it and take the test yourself at BrainHex.

DC Universe Online Delayed
Sony released a statement Monday that the DC Universe MMO has been delayed until early 2011.  The good news is that there is time for you to get a beta key.  If you pre-order the game between now and November 15 you will be eligible for a key.  You can read more about it at SuperheroHype.

Tech Nerd

Build the Ultimate Gaming PC
I love Maximum PC.  I refer to it most often as the tech bible.  This week the gods of tech have blessed us with another one of their great how-to articles.  This one leads you step by step to build their ultimate gaming PC.  Whether you’re a fan of MPC or not, you gotta respect those guys, they know how to build a great rig.  Check out the full article here.

10 Things to Do with a New Windows 7 System
Courtesy of Lifehacker, 10 things to do with a new Windows 7 PC.  Some are geared for more tech minded users, but all are good suggestions and tips to keep in mind to help you get your PC running like a real power user.

New Worm Attacks Your Anti-Virus Software
McAfee is reporting a new worm that is spreading through email as seemingly harmless PDF files or other non-threatening attachments.  The worm is dependent on the user trying to go to the hyperlink embedded in the attached file in order to run.  Once there, the worm installs itself within the Windows directory and begins to send the infected email to all your email contacts.  As an added bonus, the worm attempts to disable any security or anti-virus software present.  Read more about it here.

US to Use Lasers to Thwart Iranian Navy
This is just plain cool, laser battles at sea.  Northrop Grumman is working on a rapid-fire laser cannon that will aid in the protection of the US Navy from possible swarming attacks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval forces.  The cannon will be used to knock out the groups of flying “stealth” boats and attack craft used by the Iranian navy.  My question is when did those rock throwing savages in Iran get flying stealth boats?  Read more about it at The Register.

Anti-piracy Bill Put On Hold
A Senate bill designed to give the DOJ the power to shut down sites suspected of illegal file sharing was not passed as expected.  Legislators were hoping the bill would be rushed through before the Senate adjourned until after the November elections.  It was thought that the bill faced little opposition, but as it turns out there are plenty of people willing to speak out against it.  You can read more about it CNET.

Hot Laptops Can Cause Skin Condition
I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen.  Along with getting brain tumors from cell phones, you can now develop a condition known as “toasted skin syndrome”.  Repeated exposure to heated objects like laptops and heating pads are known to cause the condition.  It usually looks like a reddish brown rash and is also known to lead to certain types of skin cancer.  You can read more about it here.

Windows Live Essentials Now Available for Download
Microsoft released the latest version of its suite of desktop tools.  It includes some useful and some not so useful apps from Windows Movie Maker to Windows Messenger.  It also has a tool to help compose and publish blog posts…how convenient.  Read more about it at Lifehacker.

VLC Comes to iPad
Remember VLC media player from part one of my series on MP3 apps?  It looks like those beautiful devils have release a version for Apple’s iPad.  Lifehacker has all the details.

Hidden Data Storage In Your Mouse
This is absolutely brilliant.  For the paranoid user in us all, detailed instructions on how to hide a USB storage device inside your mouse.  Check out the full article courtesy of

While you’re making modifications to your mouse, why not try this little trick.  Add some USB ports to the inside of your mouse.  See for yourself at Stupid Hax.

Your Inkjet Printer is Hiding a Dirty Secret
A few weeks ago I posted an article about why printer ink is so expensive.  Here is another very good reason why and something the printer manufacturers don’t want you to know.  Check it out at YouTube.

Geek Squad Charging for Free PS3 Update
Best Buy is once again trying to rob their customers blind by charging $30 to install a free firmware update to the PS3 that my cat could figure out how to do.  Now I understand why they are doing it, because we live in a free market society and all of that; but this only goes to prove my point that I have tried to make here time and time again.  Why pay for something that you can do yourself?  Best Buy is trying to take advantage of their customers.  Read more about it at Maximum PC.

You May Not Own the Software You Purchased
Think you own that software you just bought?  A recent federal appeals court ruling may say otherwise.  Another case of the big guy trying to stick it to the little guy.  Read more about it at Maximum PC.

Pure Nerd

Looks like someone has an unnatural fetish for Hello Kitty.  Poor little R2, he’s always getting the short end of the stick.  Check out H2K2 and a full gallery of other unholy conversions here.  The GL is kind of cool, minus the bow.

Where In the World is Jonathan Frakes?
Being cast in a Star Trek series is a blessing and a curse.  Actors are often typecast and once their tenure on Trek is over, many have trouble finding work.  Some go on to very successful endeavours afterward, some struggle.  Jonathan Frakes says it’s all about planning for the future.  Read more of his interview at TrekToday.

7 Reasons Lingerie Football is Better Than the NFL
Not knowing which category to actually place this link, this one seemed as good as anything else.  I don’t usually post stuff like this, but I found it rather humorous and the girls are hot too.  Check it out courtesy of HolyTaco.  Site is NSFW.

Klingon Opera
You knew it was coming sooner or later.  As soon as Dax wanted to borrow Worf’s collection of Klingon opera you knew sooner or later we’d see it.  A clip was shown on the Today show, so this is no joke, or is it?  The opera follows the journey of Kahless as he faces the tyrant Molor.  You can read more about it and see a clip at Blastr.

Santa vs. Edward Cullen
I love vampires.  TV shows, movies, books, anything to do with vampires and I am there.  But I hate the Twilight series.  It is beyond ridiculous and it very poorly written and performed.  On top of that, the stupid plastic looking kid that plays Edward especially grates on my nerves.  When I saw this I laughed loud enough for my co-workers to walk in to see if I had finally snapped and was about to begin the shooting spree.  Sadly the only thing I shot was coffee out of my nose.  Check out what I am talking about here.

Make Your Own Star Trek Merchandise
CafePress and CBS Consumer Products have teamed up to allow Trek fans to design their own t-shirts, mugs, hoodies and other unique items.  The one catch is that your design has to be approved before being made and shipped to you.  There is also a selection of items already available.  Go to CafePress and begin designing your own Trek stuff.

Gotham Uprising Poster
A unfortunately fake poster for Batman 3 featuring Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler.  It is obvious that the artist went to a lot of trouble to make it look legit…my hat’s off to you Sir.  Go and check it out at 9GAG.  There is also a few more Gotham Uprising posters here.

Star Trek Themed Cocktails
These should get the party started in true geek fashion.  Check out this list of awesome Trek themed adult beverages at Geeks Are Sexy.  I want to try the Fuzzy Tribble.  Live long, prosper and try not to throw up on your shoes.

Girls Play D&D Too
Didn’t think girls played Dungeons and Dragons?  Think again.  Not only girls, but hot girls love to get their geek on and play some D&D.  Check out the video at Caveman Circus and Escapist Magazine.  Site NSFW.

Warner Bros. to Release Danny Elfman Music Box Set
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the teaming of composer Danny Elfman and filmmaker Tim Burton, Warner Bros. Records will be releasing a box set of music by Elfman he composed for Burton’s films.  In addition of the 19 total hours of music there will be 7 hours of previously unreleased tracks and a DVD recently filmed of a conversation between Elfman and Burton.  The set is due to be released in December.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek – The Motion Picture

Star Trek Napkin Holders
These are extremely cool and to use the term “rare” is an understatement.  I hope this guy decides to mass produce these things because I want a set so bad.  Read more about it here.

Man Attempts to Build The Enterprise, Digitally
A lot of Trek stuff going on this week.  Using a game called Minecraft, a man is attempting to build a full scale digital replica of the Enterprise-D.  Currently it is nothing more than the framework, but the plans are to allow users to walk around inside once it is completed.  There is an awesome video of what he has built so far.  Check it out at Blastr.

How To Nerd

Change Your iPhone’s Apps Icons Without Jailbreaking
How to Get Cheap of Free In-Flight Wi-Fi
De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Top 10 Strategies for Getting Back Your Lost or Stolen Stuff
Install iTunes 10 Without the Extra Bloatware
Set Up a Workplace Wiki
Use Toothpaste to Restore Old Sneakers
How to Go Completely Wireless in Your Home
Use a Metallic Sharpie for Easy Cord Labeling

Image of the Week

And that is The Word for this week.  I had a great time putting all this together and you’d be surprised just how much stuff you can find.  I hope you like what you’ve seen and if you do, please please leave me a comment.  Don’t be shy…yeah that’s it…just click then type something…come on.  Don’t be afraid to be the first one to post something, think of it as an honor.  Don’t forget to vote in the Who’s The Best Batman poll.  I will post the results next week.

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