After taking an unannounced week off, I am back with this week’s edition of The Word.  I apologize to everyone for my absence; it couldn’t be helped.  Let’s skip all the witty banter and get right into this week’s edition of The Word.

Tech Nerd

Gene Simmons Can Kiss It
A group of hackers, displeased with Kiss frontman Gene Simmons’ comments on illegal file sharers have struck at two of Simmons’ websites.  The sites were brought down entirely and there is no word yet as to their status.  The group of hackers called Anonymous were a little upset about Simmons comments, “Make sure your brand is protected.  Make sure there are no incursions.  Be litigious.  Sue everybody.  Take their homes, their cars.  Don’t let anybody cross that line.”  You can read more of the article here.

Thief Returns Data From Stolen Laptop
A Swedish professor was delighted after having his laptop stolen to find the thief returned his data backed up on a flash drive.  Talk about a crook with a conscience.  The thief stole a backpack belonging to the professor but shortly returned it minus the laptop that was inside.  The professor was stunned when a week later, the documents and other personal data was also returned to him on a USB flash drive.  You can read more about it here.

Free Public Wi-Fi Isn’t What It Seems
We’ve all seen it; that free public Wi-Fi network.  But in this article from NPR, it isn’t what it seems and you should to weary when trying to use it.

Nvidia Releases 260.89 GeForce Drivers
Nvidia has released the latest drivers for their GeForce model video cards.  If you don’t updated your video drivers regularly and you should be; now is your chance to get the latest and greatest for your Nvidia hardware.  You can read more about it here and download the new drivers here.

Hacker Goes After Torrent Sites
Hosting provider Reality Check Network which hosts several popular torrent sites was compromised by a hacker attack this past Saturday morning.  The attack corrupted the Master Boot Records (MBR) of several servers which has caused significant downtime for the torrent sites.  You can read more about it here.

Dirty PCs
If your PC looks anything like one of these, you need to unplug it and throw it away because you do not deserve to own a computer.  Hopefully you don’t have a weak stomach because some of these are just nasty.  Check it out here.

Alternative To Best Buy Warranties
I talk a lot of shit about Best Buy and Geek Squad.  Contrary to popular belief I don’t hate Best Buy; I actually shop there a lot.  I just don’t trust them when it comes to warranties and their support practices.  But that is a blog for another time.  A former Geek Squad employee talks about another choice than the extended warranties offered by Best Buy.  You can read more about it here.

Choose Strong Passwords You Can Remember
Your password is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your PC and personal data secure.  Using a strong password of at least ten characters including upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation is recommended.  Here is a video to help you choose and remember your passwords.

IKEA Hack of the Week
Build your own CPU cabinet using an IKEA filing cabinet.  Check out this nifty how-to here.

Over 2 Million PCs Caught in Botnets
A botnet is a network of infected computers or zombies as they are called used by cybercriminals to launch viruses, spam and phishing attacks on other computers on the Internet.  Nearly 6 of every 1000 PCs in the US were recruited into botnets in the second quarter of 2010 according to the latest Security Intelligence Report from Microsoft.  Go and read more about it here.

Lessons I Learned When My Laptop Was Stolen
Heed these lessons learned from the writer of this article so you won’t suffer the same fate.  Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in keeping our equipment safe from electronic intrusion, we forget to properly secure it from being stolen.  Check out this very informative article here.

China To Crack Down On Pirated Media
In this week’s biggest example of irony China’s Premier Wen Jiabao said that their goal is to curb the import and export of pirated software and other media.  Yeah you read that right, China wants to crack down on pirated media.  I’m sorry, I thought that’s where most of the pirated media comes from.  You can read more about it and hopefully keep from laughing here.

Pure Nerd

Enterprise Seen On BSG
It seems the USS Enterprise was among the handful of ships to survive the attack on the twelve colonies.  Those cheeky devils cleverly slipped the Enterprise into one of the final shots of the original Battlestar Galactica remake mini-series.  You can catch a glimpse of the effects shot here.

Wal-Mart the New Galactic Empire
See for yourself the irony of the situation.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  I wonder if there was a Sams Club on the Death Star.  Check it out here.

Marvel Heroes in the TRON World
Here’s what 10 of Marvel’s heroes would look like re-imagined into the world of TRON.  They are really cool, click here to check them out.

Steampunk R2-D2
Personally I don’t get the whole steampunk thing, but as a nerd I don’t judge those who are into it; nerds don’t judge other nerds.  There is however a few things that appeal to even this nerd.  Check out the full size image here.

32 Reasons Why I Want to Work at Google
With Microsoft employees soon having to help pay for their health insurance, it makes working someplace else all the more appealing.  Here are 32 pics of just how awesome it must be to work at Google.  You look at the pics while I go update my resume.

Rare Pics From The Empire Strikes Back
It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back and long before George Lucas practically ruined the franchise.  Check out some behind the scene images that were included in the book The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Haynes Enterprise Manual
Ever wonder how Scotty knew everything there was to know about the Enterprise?  Simple, he had one of these babies; the Haynes Enterprise Manual.  The manual contains cutaway illustrations and technical information from the NX-01 all the way to NCC-1701-E.  You can read more about it here and order a copy here.

Movie Nerd

Top Gun Sequel In the Works
In spite of it being one of my favorite movies from the 80s and my inspiration for joining the military, I’m not real sure I like the idea of a Top Gun sequel.  Paramount has approached Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott about a potential sequel to the 1986 hit.  It is also being reported that Tom Cruise is on board to reprise the role of Maverick.  Read more about it at Vulture.

Autobots Exiled from US and Plot Synopsis
Major spoiler alert from the set of Transformers 3.  A news report that was being filmed for the movie clearly states that the United States government was expelling the Autobots from American soil.  This is an interesting turns of events that I’m sure plays heavily into the plot of the movie.  To read more and watch a view of the scene being filmed, click here.  You can also read the now official plot synopsis here.

Superman Updates
Filming has not yet begun on Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman, but the speculation mill is in overdrive.  According to sources, Snyder is still undecided whether he will shoot the film in 3D; but has confirmed that this movie will have nothing to do with the previous films.  But to add a bit of continuity to the series, Snyder said that Brandon Routh is still in the running to play Superman.  General Zod is likely to be the villain however that too is unconfirmed.  You can read more about it here.

DC to Marvel: Our heroes are better than yours
DC Comics took to bashing Marvel in their attempts to explain why there won’t be a Justice League movie.  What do you mean there won’t ever be a Justice League movie?  “I think our characters are bigger than Marvel’s,” said Geoff Johns DC’s chief creative officer.  Nothing like thinking too highly of yourself and your product.  Even though I am a die hard DC fan, I think they are passing up a potential money making machine by not teaming up for a Justice League film.  DC and Warner Bros. need to wake up and listen to the fans.  We want a Justice League movie!  You can read more about it here.

SHIELD Helicarrier Concept Art
One of the coolest things I’ve liked about SHIELD and The Avengers were the helicarriers.  I was hoping they would be in Iron Man 2, but it turns out they were being saved for The Avengers movie.  You can see concept art recently released here.

Hardy Confirmed For Batman 3
Tom Hardy, who is probably best known to Star Trek fans as Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis and appeared recently in Inception has signed on for Batman 3.  It is still unknown what part Hardy will play, but Internet rumors are pointing at The Riddler.  There are also rumors that it could be Killer Croc.  You can read more about it here.

The TNG Movie That Never Was
There were only four lights, but there would have been five movies.  Sir Patrick Stewart recently discussed a fifth Next Generation movie that was to be made after Nemesis, but never saw the light of day.  The film was to have been a “real farewell” to the Next Gen cast but was scrapped by the studio due to “franchise fatigue”.  You can read more about it here

TV Nerd

New Hulk Series in Development
ABC is planning a new live action series based on The Incredible Hulk.  The original series on CBS ran for five seasons and was a big hit for the network and for Marvel.  Let’s hope that ABC can capture that same magic.  There are few details at this point other than the series is in development.  Stan Lee has given the new series his blessing.  You can read more about it here.

ABC Shortens V Episode Order
Potential bad news for V fans.  ABC has cut its order of episodes of season two from 13 to 10.  It’s not known whether this is bad for the upcoming season or not, but it can’t be good.  I watched all of the first season and even though it got much better towards the end, I am not 100% caught up in it yet.  The new season begins January 4 following No Ordinary Family.  You can read more about it at Deadline.

Green Lantern Animated Series Coming
Oh yes you read that right, Green Lantern is getting his own animated series on Cartoon Network.  Attendees of NYCC were treated to a few short minutes of test footage of the new series.  The bootleg video might still be out there if you want to see it.  It’s still over a year away as to not interfere with the live action movie, but look for it sometime around November 2011.  Read more about it here and here.

Gadget Nerd

The Ultimate Joystick With the Ultimate Price
You might want to start saving your lunch money if you want to buy one of these jewels from Thrustmaster.  The Hotas Warthog is designed to imitate the flight controls of the A-10C attack fighter and boasts 55 fully programmable buttons and 2 four-way hat switches.  It’s nearly all metal construction helps it weigh in at 6.5kg and carries a price tag of $499.99.  You can read more about it here.

3TB Western Digital Hard Drive Ships
From the ultimate joystick to the ultimate hard drive.  Western Digital has shipped the first 3TB internal hard drive.  In spite of the PC limitation of 2.19TB partitions, the drives come with Western Digital’s Advanced Host Controller (AHCI)-compliant Host Bus Adapter which will help you boot from the drive without any advanced configurations or additional software.  You can read more about it here and a benchmark review here.

Razer Ironclad Mousepad
While you’re shelling out big bucks for a joystick you might as well shell out a few more for Razer’s Ironclad mousepad.  This thing will set you back $60 and is one of the largest mousepads I’ve seen.  Measuring out at 12.6 inches by 10.6 inches, it should give you plenty of room to move around on.  Made from finely sandblasted anodized aluminum it should be the last mousepad you ever buy, at least for the price it should be.  You can a better look and order your own here.

Gaming Nerd Gets Major Update
Microsoft has given the Xbox website a welcomed overhaul.  Among the updates, a browser based avatar editing tool and combining messaging, game and friend requests.  The update was scheduled for 2am October 20 when the site went down for the upgrade.  As of 1:30pm EST on 10/20, they were still ironing out a few wrinkles.  You can read more about it here.

Day of Action for Video Game Voters
As the Supreme Court prepares to make a ruling that will decide your rights as consumers, I urge everyone who is able to vote to help make your voice heard.  Protect our First Amendment rights by going here and take a stand against government censorship.  Video games should be protected under the First Amendment as other forms of entertainment.

Blizzard Goes Overboard On Cheating Bans
In a previous post I commended Blizzard for handing out bans to players caught cheating online in Starcraft II.  Well it seems all that power may have gone to their heads over at Blizzard turning them into gaming Nazis.  They are now banning players found cheating in the single player mode of the game.  Now come on, who is that really hurting?  I hate an online cheater because it takes away from the enjoyment of the other players, but cheating at single player is only cheating yourself.  Maybe the folks at Blizzard need to back up and think just a bit more.  You can read more about it here.

Why The Gaming World Is Better Than The Real World
Sometimes it’s just easier/better/more fun/more exciting, the list goes on and on.  Whether that’s where all our friends are or we’re just there for an escape from the real world, we love to immerse ourselves into the virtual world gaming provides.  Here is a great article about why we gamers prefer our virtual existence to our real one.  Check it out courtesy of Back2Gaming.

Photo Of The Week

The Nerd says, “I play Klingon Boggle every Wednesday night with my closest friends.”