Wow, it’s almost November.  The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air and before you know it the year will be over.  Halloween is this weekend and I will be kickin’ it on the beach reading and watchin’ the waves.  Three important things I’ve learned this week, Brett Favre is a scumbag, NFL officials are indeed blind or biased and Charlie Sheen really knows how to party.  Let jump right into the biggest news of the week.

New Star Wars Movies Planned
Yes you read that right.  Sources at Lucasfilm have told IESB that George Lucas, apparently bit by the creative bug as he prepares the first six movies for 3D re-release, is wanting three new Star Wars movies.  There are few details and what is being said is only “rumor” and denied by Lucasfilm.  That being said, they have done this before when rumors of the 3D release hit several months ago.  The new movies would take place after the events in Return of the Jedi but have nothing to do with the live action television series in development.  We could see the new films after the release of the 3D versions of the saga, sometime around 2016.  It has long been rumored that Lucas had originally planned for nine films, a rumor which he denied.  Let’s hope that this go around goes better than Episodes 1 through 3.  You can read all about it at IESB.

Tech Nerd

Sony Retires the Walkman
Just a year after celebrating its 30th anniversary, Sony has announced that it is putting the Walkman out to pasture.  The popular brand of music player which still uses cassette tapes is being retired by Sony which its release said that no new units have been made since April.  The device which is apparently still popular in Japan outsold the iPod in August.  You can read more about it at Geeks Are Sexy.

Download Your Personal Info From Facebook
Facebook has recently added a feature to let you download all of your data off their site.  But their process doesn’t cover 100% of data you might think is important.  Courtesy of Lifehacker, how to download those “missing pieces” of your data.

Upgrade Your DSL
As far as DSL is concerned, hate it.  Tried it once, didn’t like it, had nothing but problems with it and the ISP in question lied to me about the overall performance.  I switched back to cable and I am happy with it until a faster, more reliable alternative comes along.  But those of you who are happy with or have no other choice than DSL, here is a nice little how-to to help you get a better connection.  Check it out at MPC.

How To Crack A WEP Password
I should have called this section Hacker Nerd, based on these next two articles.  If you are using WEP encryption on your Wi-Fi network then stop.  WEP is easily hacked and who knows what can happen once someone hacks your Wi-Fi network.  But if you’re interested just how hacking a WEP password is done and how easy it can be accomplished, check out this article at Lifehacker, then go change your encryption.

Learn To Pick Locks For Fun
Picking locks is one of those super spy things I’ve always wanted to know how to do.  It always seems so easy in movies and television shows.  It is indeed an art form and one that you too can learn and impress your friends by breaking into their homes.  Once again from Lifehacker, this article is more to show you how to increase security rather than prepare you for a life of crime.

Eliminate Common Computer Annoyances
From the hallowed halls of Maximum PC, five freeware apps that help you avoid those common annoyances and help you with mundane tasks.  Check out the full list here.

Boost BitTorrent Speed and Privacy
If you’re a regular user of BitTorrents then you probably know these little tricks.  But those who don’t use them or are new to the world of the torrent, then this article from Lifehacker is essential to your downloading survival.  Okay maybe not that serious, but they are helpful hints and good practices to live by.  Check out the full article here.

Windows 7 SP1 RC Available
Although I would advise most users against it, if you just can’t wait for the final release, the release candidate for Windows 7 service pack one is available for download.  The pack mostly consists of OS updates you’ve probably already have; but it does contain RemoteFX.  According to a release from Microsoft, “RemoteFX can be deployed to a range of thick and thin client devices, enabling cost-effective, local-like access to graphics-intensive applications. RemoteFX also supports a broad array of USB peripherals to improve the productivity of users of virtual desktops.”  You can read the FAQ sheet and download the pack here.

7 Top Tier Routers Reviewed
Leave it to the tech gods at Maximum PC to deliver another stellar review of the top tier routers.  Check out the full review of all seven routers here.

Flash Attack Credit Card Scam Nets Big Bucks
Now why can’t I hear about these brilliant credit card scams before they go public and everyone finds out.  I’ve been racking my brain for months on ways to supplement my retirement.  Or better yet, retire early, buy a small island someplace warm and change my name to Mr. Pago Pago.  Anyway, here is another scam that credit and debit card users should be aware of.  Check more about it at The Register.

How-To Nerd

In honor of Halloween or simply because they are tired of being so nice, the guys over at Lifehacker have declared it Evil Week.  All week they have provided a series of how-to tricks and tips that could be considered a little less than ethical.  Learn how to be a more effective liar, hack a PC, defeat Big Brother surveillance and manipulate people.  Check them all out and more here.

Escape Annoying Political Calls
The National Do Not Call Registry doesn’t cover political calls.  Here is a way to potentially get rid of those pesky automated political phone calls once and for all.  Check it out courtesy of Lifehacker.

TV Nerd

New Galactica Series Gets Green Light
What was intended as a series of webisodes is now a whole new series for SyFy.  Blood and Chrome is set in between Caprica and Battlestar Galactica; ten years into the first Cylon War.  It follows a young William Adam on his first missions aboard the brand new Battlestar Galactica.  The series is just into development, so there is no word on casting or a potential air date.  This may be bad news for Caprica which has been struggling recently for ratings.  You can read more about it at Blastr.

Badler On for Full Second Season of ‘V’
The original reptilian bitch you loved to hate Jane Badler has been confirmed for the entire second season of ‘V’.  Originally signed for only four episodes, Badler is playing Diana, the mother of the queen alien visitor Anna played by Morena Baccarin.  Source: TV Guide     

Movie Nerd

Top Gun Sequel Confirmed
What started out as a goof to me now seems to have some legitimacy.  Director Tony Scott has indeed confirmed that Top Gun 2 is being made.  Scott said that this will not be a reinvention of the first movie; but a new movie.  You can read more about it at Hitflix.

Liam Neeson Replaces Mel Gibson in Hangover 2
Due to objections from the cast and crew, Mel Gibson’s cameo in The Hangover 2 will be done by A-Team star Liam Neeson.  It seems a good majority working on the movie had a problem with the casting of Gibson in light of his recent troubles.  Many people are having a hard time believing they weren’t comfortable having Gibson around when in the first film there was a cameo of Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist.  Goes to show you people in Hollywood are insane.  You can read more about it at Variety.

New Transformers Footage Being Revealed Tonight
Entertainment Tonight is featuring behind the scenes footage from Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.  Along with the new footage, a peek at the logo for the movie which will air on Thursday night’s 10/28 edition of ET.  Check out a promo and more at Geektyrant.

No Khan In Star Trek XII
While it has been said that we won’t see Khan in the new Star Trek film, sources are saying that a classic Trek character will appear.  The rumors are running wild through the Internet on just who or what that character might be.  Some are saying it will be a Vulcan female previously seen; but “the source” has leaked some potential names like Gary Mitchell, Harry Mudd, Trelane, the Horta and Talosians.  The unnamed source would not confirm anything, but did hint that it would be one of the names mentioned.  Now based on my extensive knowledge of Star Trek and what has happened so far in the first film, it would not surprise me if it was either Gary Mitchell or the Talosians.  You can read more about it at Empire.

New Batman 3 Details
It’s hard to get anything out of Christopher Nolan about the new Batman film.  But in an interview with Hero Complex, Nolan did confirm two very important things.  First off, the title will be The Dark Knight Rises, corny but okay I can live with it.  The second being the villain will not be The Riddler.  I posted last week that Tom Hardy had been cast in the film, but it was not yet known who he might play; that answer is still up in the air.  There is some writer speculation that Harvey Dent might make a return.  Nolan also stated his desire to not film in the movie in 3D.  You can read all about it at Hero Complex.

Avatar Sequels Are Go
James Cameron has confirmed that the sequels to the highest grossing movie of all time Avatar have been green lit and are headed to production.  Cameron is hoping to shoot the two films back to back and is eying release dates around December 2014 and 2015.  Read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter.

Flash Movie Updates
Now that writer Marc Guggenheim has finished Green Lantern, he has moved on to The Flash.  Guggenheim revealed in a recent interview that his script for The Flash is actually three movies in one.  You can read more about it and watch the video interview at IESB.  And in other Flash movie news, Star Trek star Chris Pine is rumored to be in the running to play the lead.  Another name attached to the film is Bradley Cooper who has denied the rumor he’s being considered.  Read more about it at Screenrant.

Gadget Nerd

PlayStation Phone No Longer A Rumor
Sony Ericsson has given us a sneak peek at their new PlayStation phone.  Among it’s many features that will be of interest to PlayStation fans this new device will run on the Android 3.0 OS.  You can see more for yourself at Engadget.

More Gaming Headsets from Sennheiser
Sennheiser is expanding on it’s quality high end line of PC 360 gaming headphones.  The new PC 136D, PC 333 and PC 360 G4ME feature virtual 7.1 channel and 360 degree audio.  The PC 360 also features closed acoustics with a flip design similar to DJ headsets.  You can see more of this beauties and get yourself a pair which are available now at the Sennheiser website.

Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard
You got to love those guys at Razer.  Their stuff is usually overpriced in my opinion, but they seem to have their thumb on the pulse of what gamers want.  Their apparent total commitment to gaming as produced the Anansi MMO keyboard.  Designed for use with (you guessed it) MMO games, this little gem sports seven thumb modifier keys, over 100 programmable Hyperesponse keys with on the fly macro recording and 16 million color backlight illumination.  It even has a feature to let you disable the Windows key while gaming, how’s that for attention to detail?  You can read more about it at Engadget.

Gaming Nerd

PC Gaming Declared Dead…Again
The debate continues whether PC gaming has given up the ghost.  I’ve been hearing it for years and although I have two different gaming consoles, I still own a lot more PC games and play them much more.  Rob Pardo of Blizzard Entertainment tries to set the record straight once again to help end the debate.  You can read all about it at MPC.

Diablo 3 Preview
I have been waiting for Diablo 3 forever and now it is finally coming.  Blizzard loves to make us gamers wait for stuff, but in this case the wait might have been worth it.  For those not familiar with the Diablo games, just think of it as World of Warcraft, only free to play and much, much more awesome.  G4 has a preview to this long awaited next installment from BlizzCon.  Check it out here.

36 WoW Accounts
I found this while looking for images for this post.  Now the story itself is nearly two years old, but I have a hunch that this guy is still going strong.  He has 36 World of Warcraft accounts that he plays on 11 computers at the same time.  He goes on raids by himself, and his 35 other characters I imagine.  I don’t know if this is sad or simply awesome, but I am leaning toward awesome.  Read more about it here and be sure to click on the image of his set up, you got to see it full size to really grasp the scope.

Pure Nerd

Mac To PC
Now I have heard and even witnessed the reverse of this, people abandoning their PC for a Mac.  One of my close friends practically turned his entire household Apple.  Now I will admit that Apple makes great products, but I have been and probably always will be PC.  In this really great article from Geeks Are Sexy, the writer explains the transition from one platform to the other.

The Doctor May Get to Live Forever
I am sad to say that I haven’t been excited about Doctor Who since Tom Baker left the series back in the 80s.  I am one of those fans who believe that he can only regenerate 12 times.  A recent development in the series has thrown a great big sonic screwdriver into the works.  Read all about it at Blastr.

Battle Droid Seen On TNG
So did Star Trek steal from Star Wars or the other way around.  Given the approximate date the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired and the date of Star Wars Episode 1, I think the guys over at Lucasfilm stole some design ideas.  But given the fact that ILM worked on the special effects of both, who’s to say.  Check it out at Blastr and make up your own mind.  For the record, along with Jar Jar, the battle droid was dumbest idea…ever!

Best Halloween Costume Ever
So if you’re looking for that last minute awesome looking Halloween costume I have a couple of suggestions.  Slave Leia is always a good choice and it is always a crowd pleaser.  Then again a terminator is a really cool option and if done right it’s a sure one to win that big costume contest.  So which one should you pick?  Sexy Slave Leia?  Awesome cyborg terminator?  Hey, why not both?  Click here.

WOW Creators Get Out-Geeked
This is a perfect example of having your ass handed to you in a room full of nerds.  One piece of advice for anyone involved in anything as popular as World of Warcraft.  The fans are ravenous and if you are going in front of them for a Q&A at BlizzCon, you better have your shit together.  Check out the video at Topless Robot.

Imperial March by Beethoven
Pianist Richard Grayson (not that one) plays a seven minute rendition of the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back in the style of Beethoven.  It is really quite brilliant and remarkably good, worth listening to the end.  Check it out here.

Poll Results
In last week’s poll, you voted on the most anticipated 2011 summer movie.  The results are in and we have a three way tie between Green Lantern, Thor and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Thanks to everyone who voted and keep an eye out for more polls coming soon.

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