Happy Veteran’s Day!!!  I am really surprised that I got this week’s edition posted.  Since Call of Duty: Black Ops got released on Tuesday, I have been spending nearly every spare minute playing and I have to say this new COD rocks!  Along with that and Guild Wars, I’ve been in nerd nirvana.  If you’re stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, all I have to say to you is stop your crying, there are millions of people who’d give their left nut to be where you are right now.  There is a lot of gaming news this week so without further delay, let’s get to The Word for this week.

Tech Nerd
At Home STD Tests Being Developed
Now at first you might think this is a really good idea.  Imagine you’re doing the “walk of shame” after a night of drunken debauchery and you’re thinking if the person you hooked up with might have been unclean.  But now research is being done to develop “at home” or “on the go” STD testing devices.  My opinion is that if you’re that big a whore that you need an at home STD test, then you should probably stop having sex with people.  You can read more about it at Engadget.

Extract Embedded Media from Office Documents
Need to extract pictures, videos or other media from Office documents?  Try this handy work around to enable you to do just that.  This works for Word, Power Point and other Office documents.  Check out the how to at Lifehacker.

Spec the Perfect PC for Your Specific Needs
Building your own PC from parts can be a very rewarding experience.  Figuring out what components to build a new PC can be a challenge for even the most experienced PC enthusiast.  Research is the name of them game when it comes to specs for a new PC.  Lifehacker has a great guide that will help you get started and make sure your PC performs well and suits your needs.  Check it out here.

Microsoft Criticized for Offering Free Anti-Virus via Auto-download
More potential trouble for Microsoft, this time with its free anti-virus software Security Essentials.  Microsoft began offering the software via its auto-download feature last month.  Even though it is only offered to Windows users not currently running anti-virus software, Panda Security and Trend Micro have taken issue with it.  Stating that by offering only their free version of anti-virus software Redmond is “promoting a monoculture of anti-virus software”.  You can read all about it at The Register.

Customize Your Desktop
Courtesy of Lifehacker, several ways to customize your desktop.  Everyone likes to put their own personal touch on their desktop and this article has a few very clever ways to give yours a fresh look.  Check it out here.

Movie Nerd

Spider Man Has Its Aunt May & Uncle Ben
This was totally unexpected yet somehow promising for the new Spider Man reboot.  Actors Sally Field and Martin Sheen have been approached to play the roles of Aunt May and Uncle Ben.  I am not too sure about the casting for these two characters.  Why couldn’t they just get Rosemary Harris to play Aunt May?  For that matter, why do we need a Spider-Man reboot?  Spider-Man 3 sucked, but they could have recovered.  Why did you give up without a fight Sam Rami?  Read more about it at Superhero Hype.

Christopher Reeve Sought Advice from Sean Connery about Superman
In an interview shortly before his death, screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz revealed that before taking the role of Superman, Christopher Reeve was put in touch with legendary actor Sean Connery.  Knowing a thing or two about being typecast into a role, Connery gave Reeve his insight on the subject.  This is incredibly cool to know that Sean Connery helped shape one of the most iconic movie characters.  And it also goes to show you that when Sean Connery tells you to do something, you damn well better do it.  You can read all about it at Empire.

First Star Trek 2 Teaser Hits
Rumors are still going around concerning the authenticity of the photo, but if it’s real we are seeing the first teaser promo for the new Star Trek movie.  Slated for a 2012 release, the photo shows JJ Abrams’ new Enterprise at warp, with the Trek logo at release date in the bottom corner.  Check it out full size here.

Dune Remake May Be Stuck In the Sand
News of a Dune remake got me a little excited.  I am one of those few sci-fi purest that think that all-in-all the 1984 David Lynch adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune wasn’t that bad.  Imagine my joy when I heard some time ago that a remake was in the works.  Well now that might not happen.  The film has been plagued with problems from finding and keeping a director to licensing problems.  Like the Justice League movie that just seemed to fall apart, it looks like our hopes of seeing a redemption of a Dune movie will do the same.  You can read more about it at Blastr.

TV Nerd

Why Megan Fox Should Not Be Wonder Woman
Beyond the fact that she can’t act and her lips look like she spent the night at Fight Club, Megan Fox just isn’t suited to play Wonder Woman.  Speculation on just who might play the Amazon princess in a new TV series in development has been at a fever pitch.  When rumors surfaced last year that there might be a Wonder Woman movie in the works, everyone jumped on the Megan Fox bandwagon.  But after her abrupt departure from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I am even more convinced now that she isn’t right for the part.  If you won’t take my word for it, maybe Lynda Carter who starred in the original Wonder Woman series might sway your opinion.  Read more about it at Blastr.

Gaming Nerd

Call of Duty Will Not Go Subscription Based
This was some of the best news I’ve heard all week.  For a while now there has been talk about Activision taking the Call of Duty series and making it subscription based, like World of Warcraft.  This generated a lot of flak from the gaming community.  It seems now that Activision has changed their minds (for now) on that move.  If you think you can charge me $60 to buy the game in the first place, then another $15 to $20 a month to play it, I will hunt you all down and kill you in your sleep.  You can read more about it at Ripten.

Next COD Could Be In the Future
Sledgehammer is rumored to be working on a Call of Duty spin-off game that will take place in the future, like way in the future as in space marines.  They obviously didn’t learn the lessons from Battlefield 2142.  Although the game play was what we expected from the Battlefield franchise, the game just didn’t land with gamers.  Let Halo deal with outer space and let Call of Duty handle the present day conflicts.  You can read more about it at Gamasutra.

What and When to Expect Black Ops DLC
The new smell hasn’t worn off the packaging and the subject of DLC has already come up for Black Ops.  I miss the days when DLC for the PC version was included in a software update and was free.  Now with the introduction of Steam, they are now more able to charge for DLC.  But what does Treyarch in store for DLC and when might we see it?  Read all about it at G4.

Xbox 360 Players Outnumber PS3 and PC Players
Now this is giving me second thoughts about buying COD: Black Ops for my PC instead of my 360.  According to the numbers there are 2.8 million players on the multiplayer version; 1.5 million of those are on the Xbox 360.  That outnumbers PS3 and PC players by 1.4 million combined.  You can read more about it at G4.

Microsoft Kinect is Racist
Now get too bent out of shape with the title.  There are reports that the Kinect for Xbox has problems recognizing people with darker skin tones.  Some testing was done with GameSpot employees of various skin tones.  Two of three had trouble with the facial recognition features of the Kinect, leading rumors to spread that there were problems with the device.  You can read more about it at GameSpot.

Are We Experiencing Sequel Fatigue with Games
Video games like movies are driven by the all mighty dollar.  And how do you stretch more and more money out of a successful movie or video game; by making a sequel.  Look at any highly successful video game and more than likely there will be a number or subtitle behind the title.  And while some sequels are better than others is it becoming too much?  Are we getting burned out by having a new sequel every year?  Adam Sessler from G4 has a unique opinion to this question.  Since I can’t watch G4 on DirecTV any longer, I will just have to scour their website for into.  Check out Sessler’s Soapbox.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Unlock Guide
To help you through the sometime confusing waters of COD: Black Ops’ unlocks, here is a quick guide to the unlockable achievements and weapons.  Check it out at Ripten.

WoW Mountain Dew Game Fuel
I will admit that I bought some of this stuff and actually still have some in my mini-fridge at home.  After my article on the effects of caffeine on your body, I would be the last person to objectify the consumption of this stuff.  On the other hand, this guy looks like he’s one Klondike bar away from a massive heart attack and even still I found it necessary to laugh at this.  Check out this video at YouTube.

WoW Girl: The Next Internet Celebrity
I’m not sure if I am on the cutting edge of discovering the next viral video star or if I am just getting on the train late.  YouTube is a black hole that can suck you in for hours.  During one of my recent journeys into the darkest regions of YouTube I found the cutest thing.  This girl named Nadine does video blogs mostly about her adventures in World of Warcraft but there are other topics she talks about.  I don’t know if I am going to hell for contributing to her become famous on the Internet before I do, but I could not keep this little space cadet all to myself.  She’s as cute as a button, but more annoying than a root canal.   Check out one of my favorite videos here.

Blizzard Steps Up Security
I am actually kind of jealous over just how cool World of Warcraft is looking these days.  In their never ending war against hackers and thieves, Blizzard has taken a more high tech approach to security by offering the Battle.net Authenticator.  Read more about it at Ripten.

COD: Black Ops Sells 7 Million Copies First Day
Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 7 million copies in its first day of release.  If the initial numbers are accurate, Black Ops will have surpassed its predecessor Modern Warfare 2 by at least 10 percent and would make it the largest video game release in history.  You can read more about it at GamrFeed.

Social Media Nerd

Woman Fired for Facebook Comments
I had to create a brand new category for this story.  A woman was fired from her job because of comments she made about her job and boss on her Facebook page.  I for one find this a little disturbing and I think it borders on being illegal.  So if you’re going to trash your boss and your job, best thing is to do it anonymously like everyone else.  You can read more about this story at CNET.

Guide for Teen-Proofing Facebook
If you have teens and have listened to the news lately of all the criticism when it comes to social media sights and teens, then you’re going to want to read this guide.  Sometimes we give teens too much credit when thinking they’ll make the right choices.  Not to come down on all teenagers, but taking proper precautions now might save you and your kids potential disaster later.  Check out the printable guide here.

Delete Your Facebook Friends Day
I didn’t know this was a real phenomenon until I sat down and did some research.  Facebook fatigue is sweeping the nation.  People are cleaning out their friends lists of hangers on and people they never hear from.  So on November 17, start clearing out that friends list and cut the fat from your life.  You can read more about at CNET.

Queen Elizabeth Is On Facebook
Well it’s now official; the British Monarchy has a Facebook page.  In order to further prove just own irrelevant the monarchy is over there; you can now keep up with their exploits on Facebook.  But don’t get too excited, you will not be able to add The Queen or any of the other royals as a friend.  Read more about it at The Telegraph.

Gadget Nerd
BeoSound 8 for iPad, iPod and iPhone
Bang & Olufsen has released its newest dockable speakers for your Apple devices.  Now these really make we want to get an iPad or iPhone.  Sleek design, very cool looking but will cost you some coin.  Check them out at Engadget.

Omnio Eee Keyboard
This is also for you Apple folks.  The Omnio Eee Keyboard has a built in docking port for your iPhone.  What is most cool about this keyboard is that it is Mac and PC compatible and has 15 hotkeys for iPhone use.  Check it out at Engadget.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
If you could put sexy in a video card, then this would be it.  It’s being heralded as the world’s fastest GPU and is sporting the Fermi GPU.  With 512 cores and 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory this beast will be the standard by which all other video cards will be compared to.  Priced at $499.  You can read more about it at CRN.

Pure Nerd

Why I Want to Work for Google – Part 2
In a previous edition of The Word, I posted a story of just how awesome it would be to work for Google.  As if it couldn’t get any better, Google throws in a $1000 holiday bonus and a 10 percent pay increase for all employees.  Time to start polishing up the old resume again.  Read more about it at Business Insider.

Rosario Dawson Wants Part in New Star Trek
While out promoting her new movie Unstoppable, Rosario Dawson admitted she’s a huge Trekkie and would love a role in the new Star Trek movie.  Co-starring with Captain Kirk himself Chris Pine, how could she not pass up on an opportunity to be immortalized forever in the world of Star Trek?  I think she’s cute as hell and I’d love to see her in a recurring role in the series.  You can read more of Rosario’s interview at Collider.

Alessandra Torresani in Sexy and Silly Caprica Spoof
The raven haired, raspy voiced minx that is Alessandra Torresani from the now canceled series Capria co-hosted Tuesday night’s Attack of the Show on G4.  To the delight of under-sexed nerds everywhere, she and co-host Kevin Pereira did a spoof of Caprica dressed as Slave Leia.  Somebody get me some tissues.  I would have gotten to see this episode live on Tuesday if DirecTV hadn’t pulled G4 from their lineup, damn yous guys.  Check out the video of said spoof at G4.  Also check out a photo gallery of behind the scenes action here.

The Coolest Predator & General Grievous Costumers EVER
Leave to German engineering to devise the most awesome Halloween costumes I have ever seen.  This guy should be in Hollywood designing real props and special effects for movies.  Check out the two videos at Geeks Are Sexy.

Film Canister Confetti Bomb
For the office prankster we all wish we could be.  How to take a simple plastic film canister, some compressed air and some paper punch holes and turn them into a hilarious confetti bomb that I am sure your boss will get a kick out of.  Find out how to get yourself fired and possibly arrested for terrorist activities at Lifehacker.

A Klingon Christmas Carol
You haven’t experience Shakespear until you heard it in the original Klingon.  I wonder if Charles Dickens will translate as well?  The theater company who performed Hamlet in Klingon is adapting A Christmas Carol for non-Earthers.  How do you say bah humbug in Klingon?  Read more about it at Trek Today.

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