According to sources at Warner Bros., the new Superman reboot will see the Man of Steel in an all CGI suit similar to what is being done with Green Lantern.

The news comes from IESB who has been pretty accurate with their exclusives lately.  However since Christopher Nolan is attached to the project and everyone is aware that he doesn’t care for CGI effects this could turn out to be just a false rumor.  Nolan has passed on CGI effects on his past projects and opted for conventional effects stating that CGI lacked realism.  Both Nolan and director Zack Snyder aren’t in favor of this idea according to various sources.

Although it is an intriguing idea, I don’t think it is necessary.  I’m not completely sold on the CGI Green Lantern suit yet and would be extremely disappointed if this became a standard for future comic book movies.  I know that Warner Bros. wants another successful Superman franchise and that they’ll go to great lengths to get one.  One thing they should keep in mind is to keep it simple.  A CGI suit is completely not needed; they should concentrate on the story and the characters and let the special effects take care of themselves.