Blake Lively said in a recent interview that before she was offered a role in the movie, she had never heard of Green Lantern.  That’s really no surprise to me because she always struck me as being kind of stupid.  On top of that she’s a girl and let’s face it, girls aren’t known for their love of comic books.

So I decided to watch a little of Gossip Girl last night just to see how Blake’s performance was.  I didn’t make it very long before I was consumed with the overwhelming urge to jam a pencil in my eye.  Blake Lively isn’t a very good actress and I am really concerned that she is going to ruin the Green Lantern movie.

For a teen oriented angst driven drama on the CW I am sure she fits the bill perfectly.  She’s not overly attractive and her acting skills aren’t epic superhero movie quality.  I can buy her in the role she plays on Gossip Girl because for her I’m sure she’s not stretching herself too far from real life.  However I just cannot see her as a test pilot and a possible Star Sapphire.  I don’t believe she has the dramatic chops for a role of this type.

From what I’ve seen in the trailer, the movie promises to be kick ass.  Whether Blake’s seemingly flat, emotionless performance brings down the entire movie remains to be seen.  I can only hope that if she is the only bad point of the film, producers will replace her for a more talented actress for the sequel.  Keep your fingers crossed.