Wow, Thanksgiving blew right by and we’re quickly approaching Christmas.  The east coast is being bitch slapped by Arctic temperatures that are breaking 30 year or more records.  Nothing to do on days like that but stay home, bundle up in your Snuggie and watch movies.

Tech Nerd

20 Little Known Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Who needs a mouse when you’ve got these handy keyboard shortcuts?  Impress your friends and co-workers with your extensive knowledge of these obscure but handy Windows shortcuts.  Check out the list here at How-To Geek.

Create A Password Protected Folder Without Software
We’ve all got some files we’d rather no one else see on our computer.  It would be nice to be able to password protect individual folders without needing special software that usually sticks out like a sore thumb.  If you’ve just got to hide those naked pictures of Kathy Bates from your wife or girlfriend, here is a quick and easy way.  Courtesy of Simple Help.

Verify If an Email Address is Real
Okay, someone gives you President Obama’s personal email address.  They say it’s legit and you should email him to give your opinion of health care reform.  But you’re not sure if the address is real or fake and you certainly don’t want the Secret Service crashing through your front door during dinner.  From Lifehacker, here is a way to verify an email address.

Got a Lead Foot?  There’s an App for that!
I’m not entirely sure what to make of this.  An app for your phone that will slow down the music you’re listening to if you exceed the speed limit.  After you’ve dropped out of warp, it will return your music to the normal speed.  Slow Down sounds really cool and extremely useful for those who can’t drive 55, but does it actually work?  Check out a demo video at Engadget.

FiOS Customers To Get 150/35Mbps Service
Those amazingly lucky bastards who happen to be Verizon FiOS subscribers will be offered an unheard of (at least in the US) jump to 150Mbps down and 35Mbps up internet service upgrade option.  The $194 a month upgrade is available right now and those of us who can’t get FiOS in our area are absolutely green with envy.  You can read more about it and cry at Engadget.

AT&T Ranked Lowest Among Mobile Providers
You think having an exclusive deal to the iPhone would make AT&T one of the top mobile phone providers in the country.  Well if you thought that you’d be wrong.  In a recent survey AT&T ranked dead last with over half the negative marks coming from iPhone users.  This doesn’t look good for AT&T and only gives more credit to Verizon who is rumored to be getting the iPhone in the near future.  Verizon by the way ranked second on the list.  You can read more about it at Maximum PC.

Restartless Restart for Firefox
One of the things that makes Firefox superior to all other internet browsers is the extensive library of add-ons.  The one thing that drives me insane over Firefox is having to restart the browser after installing a new add-on.  Well someone finally took the bull by the horns and created an add-on that eliminates that.  You can read more about it at Maximum PC.

GeForce 263.09 Drivers Available
Time to update those Nvidia GeForce video card drivers kids.  If you do anything gaming related it is always recommended to keep your video card drivers current.  For that matter it’s always a good idea to keep any hardware drivers current.  You can download the latest drivers for your Nvidia cards here.

Movie Nerd

No Superman Cameo In Green Lantern
I had not previously heard about this but it seems in several drafts of the Green Lantern script there was to be a cameo of Clark Kent.  Co-Writer Marc Guggenheim spills the beans about this and other Easter eggs that were written in but eventually dropped from the movie.  Check out the interview with MTV here.

Iron Man 3 To Be A Sequel To Captain America, Thor and The Avengers
Marvel has been doing a great job of inter-twining their current superhero epics together.  It’s not always obvious but if you’re careful, you can catch glimpses of how the stores are going to work together.  In an interview with MTV, Iron Man director Jon Favreau talks about how Iron Man 3 will tie all the other films together.  Check out the full interview here.

Will Batman Get the Batcave He Deserves In The Dark Knight Rises?
Mr. Potatohead, I mean Perez Hilton gives details about Wayne Manor and the Batcave in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises.  After being burned to the ground in Batman Begins, we know from The Dark Knight that Wayne Manor is in the process of being rebuilt.  Certain modifications were to be made that hinted to the construction of the Batcave.  It’s a shame we had to wait for the final film in the series to actually see it completed.  You can read more about it here.

Second Battle: Los Angeles Trailer
This movie is looking better and better every time I see or read something about it.  Aliens invade and Los Angeles is on the front line of the conflict.  Not a very original idea, but based on the trailers I’ve seen so far this movie is going to be kick ass.  Check it out at below via YouTube.

First Two Minutes of Battleship Yamato
I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie.  Even though it’s in Japanese, the effects are awesome and it looks amazing.  The Star Blazers live action movie or Battleship Yamato as it’s called in the land of the rising sun was released on December 1.  There is still no word about a US release but you can watch a two minute clip from the film below courtesy of YouTube.

Justice League Porn Parody Being Released
Apparently if Warner Bros can’t pull together a Justice League movie, a porn studio will.  I can’t believe that some fly by night adult movie studio can pull this off with what I am sure is very little money and Warner Bros can’t.  I guess if I can’t get the real thing, the closest I can get from the comic books is watching Superman and Woman Woman frak and bugger each other.  Read more about it Bleeding Cool.

The Dark Knight Rises to be Based on Prey
Rumors are abound about the plot for the next Batman film.  The latest and most reliable are coming from Ain’t It Cool News that the film will again be based on a popular and classic Batman comic storyline.  The Dark Knight was based on The Long Halloween with a few modifications and it rocked.  Rumors and speculation are leading to this film being based on Prey.  Tom Hardy will play Dr. Hugo Strange who becomes obsessed with Batman and tries to bring about his demise.  This of course is all rumor but some say there is strong evidence that suggests it’s true.  You can read more about it at Comic Book Movie.

Flash and Green Lantern 2 Get Release Dates
We’re still more than six months away from the release of Green Lantern and talk of a sequel is still going on.  It was reported a while ago that Warner Bros gave a green light for a sequel to Green Lantern and to develop a Flash movie.  Sources are reporting that scripts for both movies have been turned in and release dates have been set but not yet announced.  If these rumors are true we can expect to see the Green Lantern sequel and the Flash summer 2013.  You can read more about it at Comic Book Movie.

Star Trek 12 Script Details
Straight from the mouths of writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, details on the status of and inspiration for the script to Star Trek 12.  Having already gone through the “origins story” the writers now have to show how the characters are going to respond and react to one another while putting them at even greater risk than in their first outing in the 2009 reboot.  These guys must be under a lot pressure to top what they did in the first film and also keeping it fresh.  You can read more about Hero Complex.

Transformers 3 Teaser Trailer Released
The teaser for the third installment, Tranformers: The Dark of the Moon hit the internet yesterday.  As usual it doesn’t show very much and as designed leaves us wanting more.  I have to say that it does look promising.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below then leave your comments.

Denis Leary Joins Spider-Man Reboot
Comedian Denis Leary has signed on to play Captain George Stacy the father of Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone.  The two characters were originally played by James Cromwell and Bryce Dallas Howard in the dreadfully awful Spider-Man 3.  The film is currently gearing up for production and is scheduled for a July 3, 2012 release.  You can read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter.

Your Highness Red Band Trailer
Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Daschanel star in this quirky and amazing awesome looking comedy.  The story follows two brothers, one much more noble than the other trying to retake their kingdom with the help of a scantly clad Natalie Portman.  This is a red band trailer so there is plenty of raunchy humor and other NSFW material.  Check it out at Geeks Are Sexy.

Netflix Now Offers Streaming Only Option
For those of you who are just too cool to use DVDs any more, Netflix now offers a streaming only plan.  The new plan is $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming content of their ever expanding library.  The unlimited streaming, one disc option is getting a $1 bump in price to $9.99 a month.  To me this is a much more convenient and flexible option and I am sure I’m not alone.  You can read more about it at Lifehacker.

TV Nerd

Stargate Universe’s 5 Year Arc
I’ll admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of the previous Stargate shows.  It’s not that I don’t like them, but I didn’t even get interested in SG1 until it’s eighth season and Stargate Atlantis never really drew me in.  I am however a big fan of Stargate Universe.  I find it unsettling that they are having a hard time finding an audience on SyFy.  Maybe if they stopped moving it around viewers might find it easier to watch.  If the show makes it another season, which will be announced this month or early January, the writers have a 5 year arc planned.  Let’s hope it sees its way through.  You can read more about it at SciFi Pulse.

Singer Added To Season 2 of V
What’s one of the better ways to help a struggling remake?  Bring back some original actors or characters.  The remake of V is doing just that.  Marc Singer who played Mike Donovan in the original movies and series has been cast in the modern retelling.  Earlier it was announced that Jane Badler was also joining the cast.  That brings two of the original’s most popular characters back into the fold.  Although they are both playing different characters, it will be interesting to see if their addition can boost the ratings.  The series returns for its second season on January 4.  You can read more about it at TV Guide.

Gaming Nerd

Aussies Find No Link Between Video Games and Violence
Coming from a country where they swim with great white sharks, wrestle crocodiles for fun and have snakes that can kill a man in minutes; if they find that there is no conclusive link between video games and violence, you can take that to the bank mister.  Based on what other experts have been saving all along that video games are no more likely to cause aggression in people than any other media, the researchers down under have added their voice to the argument.  You can read more about it at Game Spot UK.

Gamer Cracks Black Ops Secret Code
Oh my gods, the Black Ops code has been cracked.  I can’t believe this guy pulled it off.  But wait, I didn’t know there was a code to even crack.  I don’t think any one knew there was a code to crack.  If you listen to this guy and check on it yourself there is indeed a code hidden in each level of Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Now it’s not some ultra secret tip on how to increase your score of anything like that.  It is a hint based on the storyline of the single player game.  Check out the video below via YouTube.

Dumb Ass Swallows His WoW Authenticator
Either this guy is totally full of shit and an attention whore or he’s the biggest dumb ass on the internet.  Even if this was true, there is no way I would post it for everyone to see.  I’d chalk it up to experience, order a new authenticator, get three or four burritoes from Taco Bell and hope I pass the thing is the ensuing mega dump that would follow.  Normal people don’t do this stupid.  Read more about it at Maximum PC.

Analyst Advices Activision To Monetize Call of Duty Multiplayer
It is being called a “betrayal of shareholder trust” by analyst Michael Pachter over Activision’s decision not to move a subscription based service for its Call of Duty multiplayer.  As if the nearly one billion in profit Activision is seeing from sales of Black Ops isn’t enough, this asshole is suggesting that shareholders are unhappy with the decision.  To me this is the biggest example of corporate greed since the price of gas topped two dollars a gallon.  I think Activision sees the writing on the wall and that a move to subscriptions is a bad idea and would hurt sales in the long run.  The damn games already cost $60 apiece, what more do that want?  You can read more about it at CVG.

Microsoft Bans Swastikas In Black Ops
Well this is no surprise.  Microsoft will ban you for using a swastika on your player card in Call of Duty: Black Ops.  This is a no brainer people.  If you want to use a swastika on your profile, then you’re a dipshit.  Microsoft has every right to do this so if you start in with the freedom of speech defense, you are wrong.  Read all about it at StepTo.

Batman: Arkham City Trailer
If you were a fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum, then you’ve been patiently awaiting the sequel to one of the best games of last year and by far the best Batman game ever.  Well the absolutely awesome trailer for this most highly anticipated game this year.  Check it out below.

Angry Birds Strategy
Anyone with an iPad or iPhone is probably already addicted to this game.  If you haven’t played it, don’t.  It will consume your life and ruin it.  Seriously though it is addictive but really fun to play.  I nearly killed the battery in my friend’s iPad one afternoon playing it.  If you’re stuck at a certain level and can’t seem to get that last damn pig, there is a strategy video.  Check it out at Geeks Are Sexy.

Gadget Nerd

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet/Netbook
You might have seen these little jewels in Microsoft commercials lately.  Well they aren’t just mock ups for the commercials, they are real and they are available for pre-order.  Surprisingly they are also very affordable at just $549 base price.  The tablet/netbooks will ship December 15.  Check out the details and the full press release at Engadget.

Steampunk USB Drive
This thing is incredibly cool and even more expensive.  If you’ve got $400 to drop on a 16GB flash drive then this is the one you should get.  If you’re into steampunk like so many people are, then this is the one you should get.  Check out more at Etsy.

TRON Inspired Mouse by Razer
This is at the top of my Christmas wish list this year.  To go along with my TRON themed Xbox 360 controller comes this absolutely awesome mouse from Razer.  Unlike most novelty mice out there, this one is built to be used and comes packed accordingly.  With realistic lights and sound effects from the movie, this sucker sports the 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensor that makes it ideal for gaming.  They are currently backordered at the time of this post, but check back at Razer to see if they become available.

Jedi Starfighter Bed
There are no words to describe how cool this is.  This has got to be the envy of every Star Wars fan young or old.  For only $18,000 this geek’s wet dream can be yours and they will even through in the murals.  Go take a look at Posh Tots.

Pure Nerd

James Doohan’s D-Day Adventures
Most people know the late James Doohan has Scotty from Star Trek.  But did you know that Jimmy took part in the invasion of Normandy?  As a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Artillery, he was on Juno Beach on D-Day.  That day he was shot six times, one shot resulting in the loss of his middle finger.  Ironically, all six wounds were inflicted by friendly fire.

These Are The Droids You’re Looking For
Now I really try to not put stuff like this on this blog, but in this case I really could not resist.  C3P0 and R2-D2 ladies swimsuits.  Now you can get your geek on and still be smoking hot.  Click here to see more.

Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture
This is true artistry at it’s finest.  I’m sure any good sculptor could chisel out Optimus Prime with ease.  But could they do it out of ice?  Could they make it 26 feet tall?  These guys did and they deserve a Nobel Prize or something for it.  Maybe free passes to the new movie next summer at least.  Check out their handiwork at Geek Tyrant.

The Biggest Twilight Fan
Remember that insane Harry Potter fan from a couple of weeks ago?  Well he has come competition from this equally insane Twilight fan.  The bridal gown is a nice touch but just adds to the crazy.  Check out her video submission below via YouTube and pray that this isn’t someone you know.

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Something to get you into the Christmas spirit.
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