Amazingly enough I’ve had a lot of visitors lately even though I have not posted anything in going on a month.  To those of you faithful readers let me thank you for continuing to stop by.  For those of you who are wondering why I’ve been absent, I will briefly explain.

I am currently going through some issues with family that unfortunately require a lot of my time at the moment.  By no means am I giving up on Word of the Nerd and I will start posting again as soon as possible.  I ask that you bare with me while I take this time to tend to my family.

Circumstances warranted that I switch some rooms around in my home and my access to my PCs was greatly diminished longer than I anticipated.  After hiring an electrician to help with a few problems I am back up and running but the move is going even more slowly than I would like.

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by and please keep it up.  See you all soon.