Trying to slowly get back into posting again.  I want to thank everyone for sticking around.  Everyone needs something to get them going on Monday so Word of the Nerd brings you The Monday Jolt.

Every G1 Transformers fan knows who Stan Bush is.  He’s still going strong and making music.  Here is one of his latest songs with some pretty cool CG Transformers animation.  Enjoy!

Spidey’s New Costume
Courtesy of MTV, another look at the new Spider-Man costume.  This time we get to see the entire thing along with the controversial mechanical web-shooters.  Check out the photo below and go here to read more.

New Duke Nukem Finally On the Way
After one delay after another it seemed that we would never see a new Duke Nukem game in our collective lifetimes.  But after 13 years of excuses a release date has finally been set, and in this calendar year.  Read about the reasons for the extensive delay at Wired, then check out the trailer here.

How To Of the Day
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Happy Monday everyone!