Marvel has been hinting for some time now of the death of a member of the Fantastic Four.  Today Marvel revealed that in issue #587 Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch will die.  Storm’s death will essentially end the long running series as the surviving members disband and go their separate ways.

Whether the Human Torch stays dead for very long is anyone’s guess.  This seems to be a popular move these days; to kill off a popular character, then hype their return a year or so later.  No one in the comics universe is ever truly dead for long.  Check out a previous posting I wrote concerning the popular move to kill off popular comic characters here.

The Fantastic Four were first introduced in 1961 and marked the beginning of the Marvel Age of comics.  The wildly successful title has been a staple of the Marvel Comic universe ever since.  The Fantastic Four issue #587 hits comic stores on Wednesday, January 26.