Behold the face of the new Man of Steel.  British actor Henry Cavill has been cast in Zack Synder’s Superman reboot.  The Tudors co-star was a surprise choice over Joe Manganiello (True Blood) who up until the announcement was the leading contender for the role.  Scheduling conflicts with the filming the True Blood’s upcoming season may have been in factor.

Several other actors were considered including Matthew Bomer (White Collar), Matthew Goode (Watchmen), Colin O’Donaghue (The Rite) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network).  Tom Welling and Brandon Routh weren’t considered for the part even though Zack Synder said that he’d definitely give Routh a shot.

Having been pleasantly surprised with Christian Bale in the role of Batman, I think that Synder’s choice of another British actor for an American superhero role shouldn’t be criticized too much yet.  I think we should let this one also play itself out and see what happens.  Although my money was on Joe Manganiello to get the part, I am not outraged with Cavill getting it.

The decision to cast Cavill is an attempt by the studio (Warner Bros.) to make the Superman character in the film as contemporary as possible.