For everyone who hasn’t upgraded to Windows 7, you’ll be in for a surprise the next time you plug a USB flash drive into your PC.  Being noted as one of the greatest security holes in PCs today, Microsoft is eliminating the auto-run feature to all non-Windows 7 operating systems.  The patch was released on Feb. 12 so if you haven’t updated your OS yet, be prepared but don’t panic.  Having the feature disabled or in this case eliminated will not prevent you from accessing your flash drives or other USB devices.  Simply open My Computer or Windows Explorer to access the device.

Although Microsoft is not admitting that the auto-run feature was a security flaw, they are at least acknowledging it’s a problem by getting rid of it.  It was a convenient feature when it was introduced but too many worms and other malicious codes are being introduced using or exploiting auto-run.  Many companies have been blocking its use by its users for some time.