Do you really need to come out and say it?  When most people heard the rumor that Lindsay Lohan was in talks to play a “major” role in the new Superman movie the typical response was “please God, no”.  The latest rumors are saying she’s in the running to play none other than Lois Lane.  Please God no!!!  I’d rather see Margot Kidder play Lois again.

There are SO many reasons why Lindsay should stay as far away from this movie as possible.  First of all it has the potential of being a big flop and with her involvement the blame will lie squarely on her.  Then again if it is a huge success it could give her the comeback she is so desperately trying to make happen.  Having her name attached to it at all, even though for now it’s just a rumor has given it media circus attention.

I don’t think I like having a world renowned character like Superman being dragged through the mud.  If Lindsey is in the film, it will do just that.  Whether the movie is good or not, whether she’s good in it or not, her reputation could tarnish the movie altogether.  There have already been bad Superman films, we don’t need another.  The franchise needs a home run hit and with Zack Snyder signed on to direct, the potential is there.

Let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have the best track record in Hollywood.  She was dumped from her last movie due to her recent legal troubles and several projects she’s worked on in the past were plagued by delays because of her work ethic.  Not to mention that she could do more jail time over this recent brush with the law.  The drinking, the drugs, drunk driving, multiple stints in rehab.  Fans don’t want to see this movie tarnished before it even gets started.  On top of all that, rumors are circulating that Warner Bros. is desperate to get production started soon to avoid losing rights to the franchise.

I’m sorry, Lindsay was a cute kid that made some pretty okay movies back in the day.  But now she is grown up and all the trouble aside, she isn’t that great an actress.  Kid actors transitioning into adult actors are few and far between.  It’s tough going from adorable child actor to being taken seriously as an adult.  The list of these success stories is pretty short and I honestly don’t think she’s got what it takes to make it.  Now I could be wrong and I will certainly admit my mistake if I am somehow proven wrong.  That aside, I have to ask, why take that kind of chance with this movie?

Even her Mom of the Year candidate Dina Lohan is spouting off about her daughter being in discussion for a role in the movie, this however doesn’t make it true.  Fans and non-fans are really throwing up their hands at this one.  How could any director in their right mind even consider her to play more than just a bit part?  I believe that most Hollywood producers, studio execs and directors would consider her potential suicide to any project.  Can you just imagine being in the production meeting, pitching ideas for who’s going to play Superman, who’s going to play Lois Lane.  The one comedian in the room throws out Lindsay Lohan and the entire room erupts into laughter.  “No seriously Tom, who are we going to get”?

Look at it this way, you need a summer blockbuster.  You’re going to do a reboot of Superman.  Christopher Nolan agrees to give you a hand with the project.  The studio is desperate to make the movie a success.  You sign the perfect actor to be Superman.  You get a great and accomplished director to helm the movie.  You’ve got yourself a formula for the quintessential summer blockbuster.  Then you try to throw in the poison that is Lindsay Lohan and you ruin the whole damn thing.  The Superman franchise has a lot of history behind it and people look up to the character.  If the studio lets this happen, then they will turn it all into a big joke.

They say any publicity is good publicity, but that isn’t always true.  I don’t want to see the daily specticle on E! over whether she showed up to work or if she was sober when she did.  Cameras poking around the set all day so see what Lindsay is doing or what scene she’s filming.  It will turn the production into a farce and no one will take the movie seriously.  Having her involved will kill it before it even makes it to the theaters.  So I beg you Warner Bros. execs; don’t do this.  Listen to the fans, you’ll thank us later.

Ok, I did put one flattering picture of Lindsay in the post.