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32-bit, 64-bit, what’s the difference?  Are you curious to find out?  Thanks to the geeks over at How To Geek, you’ll soon find out.

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I read an article recently that talked about software and media piracy.  It posed the scenario that if games and movies weren’t so expensive then maybe piracy wouldn’t be on the verge of out of control. 

Companies spend millions in an attempt to keep piracy to a minimum; but does it really work?  In the long run I say no.  Whatever new and revolutionary anti-piracy scheme comes out, eventually it will be cracked and someone will find a way around it.  Nothing stays a secret for very long.

There is a certain amount of logic in the notion that if games, movies and music weren’t so expensive then maybe people wouldn’t be tempted to steal it.  No matter what label you put on it it is stealing plain and simple.  You can try to justify it, but there is no distinction; you are stealing.

So you have to ask yourself why people do it.  Well there are all kinds of reasons, too many to count most likely.  Most people do it because they are either unable or unwilling to shell out $60 for a video game, $25 to $35 for a movie and $15 to $20 for a music CD.  Those are rough estimates I’ll point out and don’t reflect adjustment for economies in other countries where the cost my be triple or more.

The $60 price point on games has made me become a lot more selective of which games I buy.  I doubt I am the only person who does this especially these days.  Doubtful that the price stops a lot of people who live and die by video games and I consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer.  If games were let’s say $30 then I know I would be more likely to buy more.

However most companies care very little about the size or your or my wallet and only care about the size of their own.  A healthy bottom line is far more important than a happy or repeat customer.  Sadly this is true of far more industries than just media.  The even sadder point to it all is that it will probably never change.  Piracy will still be a problem for them and they will continue to shell out big bucks to try and stop it.

Now I know some of you will argue and say that if piracy wasn’t to ramped that the prices for such media wouldn’t be so high.  I’d say you’re probably right but you’re also wrong.  Clearly one drives the other, but everyone steals for the same basic reasons.  There will always be those few out there who will refuse to pay for anything and will continue to pirate.

This could easily turn into a political or economical debate about foreign policy and all of that.  In keeping with the subject at hand the problem is worldwide and not just in a few countries.  Nations such as Mexico, Russia and India have the highest rate of piracy and little is being done to prevent it.  Workers in those countries make far less than workers in the US per year.  A $15 DVD can cost as much as $75 in Russia when a pirated copy is far less.

People in different countries are going to have their own opinions and solutions to the problem but I agree with what most are saying.  Bring the prices down and that will go a long way to solving not only the piracy issue but others as well.

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Today the great, great William Shatner celebrates his 80th birthday.  Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or not, you know who William Shatner is.  At some point you’ve seen him pop up on TV over the past fifty years.

The Canadian born actor’s career has spawned dozens of television shows and movies.  His most famous role is that of Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek.  He can be currently seen on the CBS comedy $#*! My Dad Says and his celebrity interview show Shatner’s Raw Nerve that airs on The Biography Channel.

He was born on March 22, 1931 in Montreal Canada.

Word of the Nerd hopes Bill has a great 80th birthday.

Here are a few memorable and infamous clips from Shatner’s career.

Patrick Stewart is winning.

Thanks to some guys over at Topless Robot, we’ve got some alternate and somewhat improved images of the Wonder Woman costume that was released (original post here) on Friday.  Check out the alternate images below, then read the full article here.

First of all, let me say that from the start Christopher Nolan said that he would NEVER introduce Robin into his Batman movies because it took something away from the Batman image.  I have to say that I agree somewhat.  I’m by no means a Robin hater, but after Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, the character left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. 

Juno Temple

The new rumor floating around today is that not only could we see Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, it could also be a girl.  Last week it was reported that British actress Juno Temple was in talks to be in the film as a “street-smart Gotham girl.”  Fans will see a similarity in this rumor and the story of Jason Todd (the second Robin).

That could mean anything at this point and I really don’t think that there is enough there to warrant such a rumor.  It is just as likely that Temple could have a brief part in the film and her character could be mostly insignificant to the overall story.

At this point in the pre-production of The Dark Knight Rises any tidbit of information is fed through the rumor mill and twisted into who knows what.  Many more speculations like this are sure to come up until later this year when we start getting confirmed information from the studio.

Chris O’Donnell as Robin

I for one support Nolan’s stance on not having Robin in these films.  As I stated above I am not anti-Robin, I just don’t think the character has a place in these films.  One day if properly done I would love to see Robin again on the big screen.  Something that could pave the way to seeing him develop into Nightwing or maybe even taking over as Batman.  For now, let’s leave The Boy Wonder on the pages of the comic books and out of Christopher Nolan’s films.

This is the catchiest annoying song I’ve heard in a while.  It is clearly geared for teens and I am sure it’s a big hit with them.  The girl singing is adorable but has a voice only a vampire bat could love.  I’m quite certain the lyrics took her all of five minutes to write, but it is a catchy tune.  Coming from an “old guy”, about two and a half minutes into the song I wanted to jam a sharpened pencil into my ear.  I missed this last week so I decided to torture you with it on a Monday.  Makes you long for better times, when you didn’t have to work and YouTube hadn’t been invented yet.

This is not at all what I was expecting.  If this is going to be how the new Wonder Woman looks, I don’t think I will bother to watch.  Like Halle Berry in Catwoman, it just looked too stupid to even bother wasting money on.  If this is the Wonder Woman we’re going to get, the cast and crew better no unpack their bags because this is going to be a short trip.

First of all the costume itself isn’t terrible, Adrianne Palicki just looks terrible in it.  Her hair looks cheap and fake and her makeup is overdone.  She looks more like a cheap porn movie version of Wonder Woman.  Perhaps a good first try but I hope to the Gods this isn’t the final product.  The long tight pants look great and the gauntlets are awesome; but the boots need to be red.  The emblem across her breaticles looks great and it more in line with a modern version of the character. 

It’s been known for a few weeks now that Diane Lane had been signed to play Martha Kent in the upcoming reboot of Superman.  Rumors have been floating around for a month about Kevin Costner’s interest in being cast as Jonathan Kent.

Those rumors were confirmed; Kevin Costner has signed on to star in Zack Snyder’s Superman film.

I’m not sure I am okay with this.  I like Kevin Costner, I just don’t see him as the Pa Kent type.  To me Costner has always had an ego and I don’t know how he will mesh into a film where he isn’t the pivotal character.

I will say this, after doing some looking around, I think the two look great together and should at least look good in the movie.

The film’s director Zack Snyder had this to say, “Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest superhero of all time.”

The title of the film is rumored (not yet confirmed) to be Superman: Man of Steel and is slated for release December 2012.