Not all celebrities can go totally bat-shit crazy and still win like Charlie Sheen.  He isn’t the first or only celeb to have a complete meltdown.  Many celebrities have lost it at some point, some more entertaining than others.  Some have even managed to salvage their career afterward.  Here’s a list of some of the greatest and most memorable celebrity meltdowns and what their antics have done to their career.

Britney Spears – Poor Brit-Brit went from pop princess to skin headed lunatic practically over night.  Two failed marriages led up to the bubblegum queen shaving her head, then attacking a paparazzi with an umbrella.  Her spiral continued with kidnapping her own children and holding up in the bathroom until police could talk her out.  Her meltdown eventually led to her father being given control over her finances and career choices.  Overall results= Not Winning

Mel Gibson – Mel held the crown for best/worst meltdown until Charlie Sheen stripped him of the title.  Mel has had a few run ins over the past couple of years.  His exploits have ranged from drunken rants against Jews, calling a female police officer “sugar tits” to his wildly entertaining and rather abusive phone messages to his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.  All he wanted was a little oral sex, is that too much to ask?  Overall results= Not Winning

Tom Cruise – We all thought Tom was about as crazy as a person could get.  But the poster child for Scientology’s couch bouncing antics on Oprah seems rather tame to what we’ve seen lately.  In spite of him dressing down Matt Lauer on the Today Show, all Tom is really guilty of is professing his love for a woman and who can blame him for that?  Overall results= Winning

Dave Chappelle – Dave’s meltdown was as confusing as it was amusing.  At the height of his popularity on Comedy Central, the comedian just upped and bailed on a 50 million dollar contract.  Claiming he was undergoing psychiatric treatment, he disappeared for several weeks before turning up in South Africa.  He also had a mishap on a private plane that was forced to land due to his refusal to wear his seat belt.  Overall results= Not Winning

Whitney Houston – Probably one of the most sad meltdowns of all time.  Whitney was on top of the world and looked as if she had everything.  The music diva’s marriage to bad boy Bobby Brown led to rumors of abuse and drug addiction.  But Whitney set the record straight in her now infamous interview with Diane Sawyer when she proclaimed that “Crack is whack.”  Now Whitney is the role model of how not to live your life.  Overall results= Not Winning

Randy Quaid – Randy must have been channeling his famous Cousin Eddie character from the Vacation movies when he and his wife were arrested for squatting in a home that they use to own, claiming they were renting it from the current owner.  They fled to Canada where the couple requested asylum claiming their lives were in danger.  The saga took it’s weirdest turn when they were released from jail, they publicly read a letter they composed to their dog while incarcerated.  Overall results= Not Winning

Martin Lawrence – Claiming to be suffering from a heat stroke but later admitted to be high on marijuana.  Police found Martin in a busy Los Angeles intersection waving a loaded gun around and yelling at passing cars.  Oddly enough, the incident didn’t seem to adversely affect Lawrence’s career too much because it was pretty much over by then anyway.  Overall results= Winning

Michael Richards – The Seinfeld star apparently didn’t like being heckled by some black audience members during a stand up performance in a L.A. comedy club.  The funnyman broke out into a racist rant and dropped the N-word multiple times.  The whole incident was caught on camera and led to the comedian giving a largely unaccepted public apology.  No one has seen or heard from Richards since.  Overall results= Not Winning

David Hasslehoff – Drunk, shirtless and eating a cheeseburger on the bathroom floor.  Is there anything else that could be said about that?  The Hoff’s daughter filmed his drunken exploits in an effort to show him what his drinking was doing to him and his family.  The German demi-god has seemed to have cleaned up his act since the video hit the Internet in 2007.  Overall results= Not Winning (US), Winning (Germany)

Paula Abdul – Paula’s meltdown was chronicled on TV over a period of a few years for all to see.  She slowly declined into raisin cake status during her stint on American Idol.  It wasn’t know whether she was drunk the majority of the time she was on air or not, but her behavior was erratic at best.  The pinnacle was her being accused of having sex with at least one Idol contestant during her run on the show.  She has since moved on to greener pastures that included a failed reality show.  Overall results= Not Winning

Certainly this isn’t the entire list of celebs who’ve went crackers over the years.  There are certain honorable mentions that were left off the list.  Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson, Russell Crowe, Amy Winehouse and Winona Ryder just to name a few.  But my list contains some of the most entertaining of the wackos.