Let’s face it, sci-fi on TV is either really good or really bad.  More often than not, shows are canceled before they get a chance to come into their own.  Even SyFy isn’t immune to dumping shows that can’t hack it even on their network.  There are however two sci-fi shows that deserve to be given a reprieve from being axed.

The first is Stargate Universe.  I will admit I wasn’t and still not a big fan of any of the Stargate series.  It’s not that I didn’t like them.  Nearly any episode I watched I enjoyed very much.  For reasons I won’t go into here I just didn’t get into them.  I watched the first episode of Stargate Atlantis, but it didn’t grab me so I didn’t watch the rest of the series.  I decided to give the franchise another chance when Stargate Universe premiered.  I was instantly hooked.  The stories were fresh and the characters were all rough around the edges which helped to make the series gritty and dark. 

Never mind the fact that later episodes started to remind me of Star Trek Voyager.  The episodes are often predictable and a little weak on their logic; but that doesn’t keep me from watching it.  Watch the stories sometimes lack, the characters make up for.  No one on the ship really gets along with one another; some downright hate each other.  The constant character conflict and friction makes the episodes enjoyable.  I care about the people on the ship and sympathize with their struggles.  Often the dangers they face aren’t from some new alien race or strange interstellar phenomenon.  More often than not, the stories are about how they are going to survive to the next day.  Will there be enough food to eat, will the ship have enough power to keep them alive.

Even though the series takes place millions of light years from Earth on an alien spaceship, there is a sense of realism that makes it unique.  Nearly the entire first season involved the crew finding their way around the ship and trying to learn how things worked.  That and their struggles to find food, water and other vital supplies made me start to like and eventually care for those people.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out that Syfy canceled the show.  There are only ten episodes left before the series is over for good.

As a fan of the show, I would love to see at least one more season.  There are some unanswered questions that I am sure will be left up in the air when the show ends in a couple of months.  I think if the network would give the show a chance it could definitely turn around.  Stargate SG1 ran for ten seasons and I don’t believe it was better than Universe.  SyFy did the time slot shuffle with the series movie it from Friday night to Monday which didn’t help matters any.  It’s hard for a series on a cable network to compete with the big three in a prime time slot.  Monday’s are big for the major networks and I can see how a series with a limited demographic would struggle.  SyFy should move the show back to its Friday night slot and see if the rating turn around.

There has been some talk about shopping the series to another network or possibly making made for TV movies to keep SGU alive.  As the clock continues to tick it looks more and more unlikely the series can be saved.  It is a damn shame because if given a chance I know this series can turn around.  It’s more likely at this point that the season finale will be the series finale.

The next series that also deserves to get another season is V.  Those of us who were fans of the original mini-series rolled our eyes and were sceptical about how good it would be.  The first few episodes were awful, but then it started to pick up.  The series pretty much follows the original storyline but with a more believeable and modern update.  There is still a campy feel to the show but that’s what you get when introducing aliens into an otherwise gritty drama series.

The Visitors as they call themselves are more diabolical and sinister in their methods than their 1980s counterparts.  A group of well equipped Girl Scouts would have no trouble defeating the original V aliens and could have pulled it off in less time than two or three year time frame of the two mini-series.  The modern re-telling of V has a more realistic feel to it that helps give the show some credibility.

The end of the first season left us facing an armada of V motherships hidden in orbit around the world and anticipation for what season two would hold in store.  That second season did not disappoint and in each episode we learned more about the Visitors and their plans to eradicate the human race.  The resistance grew and size became bolder in their attacks to stop the alien menace.  The second season ended with the death of several major characters, we get to see what the Visitors really look like and the Visitors taking it up a notch by preparing for their invasion, promising a great third season.

V, unlike SGU is only in danger of cancellation by ABC.  I think the ratings have gotten better than the first season, but nothing like the network would like or hope for. Like SGU, V is coming into its own and deserves at least another season to iron out the wrinkles in an otherwise solid series.