First of all, let me say that from the start Christopher Nolan said that he would NEVER introduce Robin into his Batman movies because it took something away from the Batman image.  I have to say that I agree somewhat.  I’m by no means a Robin hater, but after Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, the character left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. 

Juno Temple

The new rumor floating around today is that not only could we see Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, it could also be a girl.  Last week it was reported that British actress Juno Temple was in talks to be in the film as a “street-smart Gotham girl.”  Fans will see a similarity in this rumor and the story of Jason Todd (the second Robin).

That could mean anything at this point and I really don’t think that there is enough there to warrant such a rumor.  It is just as likely that Temple could have a brief part in the film and her character could be mostly insignificant to the overall story.

At this point in the pre-production of The Dark Knight Rises any tidbit of information is fed through the rumor mill and twisted into who knows what.  Many more speculations like this are sure to come up until later this year when we start getting confirmed information from the studio.

Chris O’Donnell as Robin

I for one support Nolan’s stance on not having Robin in these films.  As I stated above I am not anti-Robin, I just don’t think the character has a place in these films.  One day if properly done I would love to see Robin again on the big screen.  Something that could pave the way to seeing him develop into Nightwing or maybe even taking over as Batman.  For now, let’s leave The Boy Wonder on the pages of the comic books and out of Christopher Nolan’s films.