I read an article recently that talked about software and media piracy.  It posed the scenario that if games and movies weren’t so expensive then maybe piracy wouldn’t be on the verge of out of control. 

Companies spend millions in an attempt to keep piracy to a minimum; but does it really work?  In the long run I say no.  Whatever new and revolutionary anti-piracy scheme comes out, eventually it will be cracked and someone will find a way around it.  Nothing stays a secret for very long.

There is a certain amount of logic in the notion that if games, movies and music weren’t so expensive then maybe people wouldn’t be tempted to steal it.  No matter what label you put on it it is stealing plain and simple.  You can try to justify it, but there is no distinction; you are stealing.

So you have to ask yourself why people do it.  Well there are all kinds of reasons, too many to count most likely.  Most people do it because they are either unable or unwilling to shell out $60 for a video game, $25 to $35 for a movie and $15 to $20 for a music CD.  Those are rough estimates I’ll point out and don’t reflect adjustment for economies in other countries where the cost my be triple or more.

The $60 price point on games has made me become a lot more selective of which games I buy.  I doubt I am the only person who does this especially these days.  Doubtful that the price stops a lot of people who live and die by video games and I consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer.  If games were let’s say $30 then I know I would be more likely to buy more.

However most companies care very little about the size or your or my wallet and only care about the size of their own.  A healthy bottom line is far more important than a happy or repeat customer.  Sadly this is true of far more industries than just media.  The even sadder point to it all is that it will probably never change.  Piracy will still be a problem for them and they will continue to shell out big bucks to try and stop it.

Now I know some of you will argue and say that if piracy wasn’t to ramped that the prices for such media wouldn’t be so high.  I’d say you’re probably right but you’re also wrong.  Clearly one drives the other, but everyone steals for the same basic reasons.  There will always be those few out there who will refuse to pay for anything and will continue to pirate.

This could easily turn into a political or economical debate about foreign policy and all of that.  In keeping with the subject at hand the problem is worldwide and not just in a few countries.  Nations such as Mexico, Russia and India have the highest rate of piracy and little is being done to prevent it.  Workers in those countries make far less than workers in the US per year.  A $15 DVD can cost as much as $75 in Russia when a pirated copy is far less.

People in different countries are going to have their own opinions and solutions to the problem but I agree with what most are saying.  Bring the prices down and that will go a long way to solving not only the piracy issue but others as well.

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