A lot can be said about going out on a high note, Brett Favre could have benefited greatly from it.  When it comes to the remake of Battlestar Galactica, I know I would have loved to see more.  After four tremendously successful seasons, the show came to an end; and what an end it was.

With the exception of what the frak happened to Starbuck in the final minutes, all hanging questions were answered and the series was neatly wrapped up.  Ron Moore and his team put together one of the greatest sci-fi series ever and gracefully bowed out before it descended into mediocrity.

It was however very sad to see the series end while at the height of its popularity.  There was a universe full of rich and powerful stories yet to be told.  Taking us back to the beginning just wasn’t enough.  Even though Caprica stayed true to the Ron Moore premise, it just wasn’t the same and lost my interest very quickly.  The show was lacking what made BSG great which is probably why it was cancelled in its second season.

It isn’t often that a remake far outdoes the original.  The original Battlestar Galactica was ground breaking at the time because of the amazing special effects.  The show was so expensive to produce each week that those amazing effects were seen over and over and over throughout its run.  The stories were all nicely wrapped up each week and even though the series was popular, it didn’t make it a second season.  A second series, Galactica 1980 failed miserably.

News of a remake floated around for a while and was critisized by series creator Glenn Larson and by several former cast members.  In 2002, a former Star Trek writer named Ron Moore pitched an idea to remake the original show.  The idea led to a two part mini series in 2003 that blew the viewers away.  It was dark, gritty and had more of a realistic feel than the original.  The series was panned by some due to it’s lack of action and the fact one of the original male characters was rewritten to be a female.

The mini series led to the weekly series that got unheard of ratings for a sci-fi series.  Critics who usually picked apart genre series gave nothing but praise for the series which many called “the best show on television”.  The show was story and character driven.  It showed every facet of the human condition when faced with extinction.  When the show ended after only four seasons there was a huge gap left unfilled in genre programming.  I have to say that since BSG ended, there has not been a series to take it’s place that has even compared.

Bottom line here is that as a fan, I think I was robbed.  There was so much more than could have been done with the show.  I was disappointed when I heard the fourth season would be the last.  But there is something to be excited about, SyFy is launching another Galactica prequel series that takes place after Caprica.  A young William Adam on a newly christened Battlestar Galactica.  I hope only that this series lives up to the BSG that I know and love.