Just in case you’ve been trapped in your storm shelter all day and haven’t been able to check out the latest buzz on the Internet, here it is.  Yes, I got lazy and did this as one big post instead of several smaller ones.

Today’s biggest story (so far) is the supposed leak of The Avengers script.  Someone claims to have gotten their hands on a copy of the script that belonged to Samuel L. Jackson and is offering it up to the highest bidder.  I love to hear about movie spoilers, but releasing the entire script more than a year before the movie is due to be released is just terrible.  You can read more about it at GeekTyrant.

The G.I. Joe sequel has gotten a title and will more than likely be shooting in New Orleans starting later this summer.  The title of the film according to NOLA.com will be G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes.  Treat this as only a rumor until you hear something more official.  Read more about it at Comic Book Movie.

The once big thing in social networking is going on the auction block.  News Corp. is looking to sell off MySpace.  According to the Wall Street Journal, News Corp. is hoping to fetch somewhere near $100 million.  Having paid over five times that amount for it in 2005, the outlook for MySpace doesn’t look good.

And last, for all you gadget whores out there.  Apple is releasing a white version of its iPhone 4 tomorrow.  I wonder if a certain someone will be taking the day off tomorrow off to go buy one.  You know who you are.