When it comes to Transformers, I am a purest.  G1 Transformers is THE one and only!  Anything else is fake and a poor substitute for the real thing.  I have fond memories of watching Transformers every day after school and the series that followed after G1 just didn’t compare.

Now when it comes to the movie series, that’s a different story.  I loved the first Transformers movie.  Even though Michael Bay tried to please everyone and combined all the series together to make a common centralized storyline I was able to accept it.  Then came Revenge of the Fallen and I felt I had been visually raped as I left the theater.  I almost walked over to the ticket booth and demanded my money back.

Bay apologized for the ROTF disaster and promised a better film in DOTM.  Time will tell whether he keeps his promise and delivers what we fans really want.  At first I was a little sad to hear that this will probably be the last Michael Bay Transformers movie.  Then I started to think about it.  Maybe, just maybe this is a blessing in disguise (pun purely intended).

I was never all that fond of the way the Transformers were designed.  Many TF loyalists dubbed them Bayformers.  I understood why Bay created the look he did and it made perfect sense in a film making sense.  But when ROTF came around, the robots reminded more of stuff I saw in the Matrix films.  Everything was a little too organic made to look like technologic.  Not to even mention what a complete mess the story was.

So when the Bayformers take their final bow will this be the end of the Transformers franchise?  I certainly hope not.  If there is one thing the past decade of movies have taught me it’s that everything can be remade and made to look fresh and new again.  Some eager director out there is probably drooling at the idea of getting a hold of the Transformers franchise and rebooting it.  As a fan I say bring it on!

Many rabid TF fans hate the Bay films and I mean hate them.  Funny thing about that is that even though they hate them, they are still there on opening day to watch them, go figure.  As I said, I loved the first movie.  My only gripe is I wanted to see more robots.  ROTF gave me more robots than I could shake a stick at, but the story was so bad I wanted to jam a pencil into my eyes.

As a fan, but not a rabid fan like some people I know, I would love to see the franchise rebooted into something more pure and true to the original 80s cartoon.  Try making it more like the IDW comic book series.  Forget all the Allspark and Sentinel Prime bullshit and let’s get back to basics.  Make Bumblebee a VW beetle and take away Optimus Prime’s mouth.  Give us the Dinobots and Insecticons.  Let’s see the real Constructicons and Devastator look less like a retarded pitbull.  Give us the Matrix of Leadership and Ultra Magnus.  To sum it all up I’ve got one word for you…Grimlock!!!