It seems that while Ned Stark was about to have his head seperated from the rest of his body, the real life actor who portrays him was having some difficulties of his own.  Game of Thrones star Sean Bean was attacked outside a North London pub Sunday night.  The unknown attacker cut Bean’s arm, then punched him in the face.

Pub staff say that Bean is a regular there and has never had or caused any trouble.  The incident took place outside the pub and after police arrived Bean refused treatment.  Instead he went back into the pub and ordered another drink.  The extent of Bean’s injuries were a cut on his arm and a bruise on his elbow.

Now that’s a man for you right there.  He didn’t cry or whine to the police.  He went back inside and had another drink.  I’d like to think that after the attacker was done cutting and punching him, Bean politely beat the shit out of him then quietly said “Winter is coming.”  Probably didn’t happen that way.