The summer movie season is in full gear now.  So far we’ve had Thor, X-Men: First Class, Super 8 and now we’re being treated to Green Lantern.  As of this posting, I have not seen it yet; but I already have tickets in hand for the 7pm showing.  I’ll get my bucket of popcorn, a depth charge sized diet coke, a hay bail size package of Twizzlers and plop down in my favorite local theater to watch the movie.  Until then, I give you The Word.

How-To Nerd

How To Forward Ports on Your Router
How To Make High Resolution Windows 7 Icons Out of Any Image
DIY Drive Thru Caddy
How To Transfer Files To Your iPhone or iPad
How To Thoroughly Clean Your Keyboard (Without Breaking Anything)
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Tech Nerd

Keep Your DVR Turned Off

DVRs and cable boxes can take up an unusual amount of power.  Some take up as much as half of the amount of power as your refrigerator.  Keeping them powered off when not in use can be a big money saver.  You can read more about it here.

Pure Nerd

BSG Top Gun Steins
From Quantum Machanix comes a set of Battlestar Galactica Top Gun steins.  They are a must have for any BSG or Sci-Fi collector.  There’s no word on availability or pricing, but you can sign up for the newsletter at the Quantum Machanix website.

Movie Nerd

Liam Neeson Seen On TDKR Set

Sources are reporting that Liam Neeson filmed a days worth of work on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.  Neeson may be reprising his role of Ra’s Al Ghul from Batman Begins.  Josh Pence has already been cast as a younger Ra’s Al Ghul in the film.  This would lend some credit to comments made by Gary Oldman that this film brings things back around to Batman Begins.  The Dark Knight Rises is due for release July 20, 2012.

Gaming Nerd

Another Map Pack Confirmed for CoD: Black Ops

In order to squeeze out a little bit more revenue out of Black Ops before the release of Modern Warfare 3 in November, Treyarch has announced the release of Annihilation.  This is likely to be the last DLC release for Black Ops.  The map pack will be made available for Xbox 360 on June 28.  There is no word yet for PS3 or PC release.

Pic of the Week

The best thing to happen during the Vancouver riots

That’s the down and dirty edition of this week’s The Word.  Hopefully everyone will get out and see Green Lantern this weekend and at least prove some of the critics wrong.  If it can’t get good reviews, at least it can make a butt load of money.  Have a great weekend everyone and to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!