There be dragons here.  As I sat watching the season finale of Game of Thrones last night, I kept looking at the clock.  I kept waiting for something big to happen, something epic.  As the episode neared the end I was thinking that I was a little disappointed in the last new episode we’ll get to see until next spring.  Then the final scene came and I have to admit my heart raced a bit and I started to feel sad that there won’t be a new episode next week.  Last night’s season finale as usual did not disappoint.

News of Ned Stark’s execution has spread.  There is a very touching scene between Rob and Catelyn where they vow to each other to make the Lannisters pay for Ned’s death.  Jaime Lannister who has been taken prisoner by the Starks is paid a visit by Lady Catelyn.  He confesses to her to pushing Bran from the window in Winterfell and Catelyn asks him why, he nearly tells her but stops himself.

In King’s Landing we find out that Queen Cersei’s desires aren’t limited to her brother Jaime.  It seems she also shares her bed with Lancel Lannister.  They receive the news of Jaime’s capture and Cersei ponders the consequences.  Meanwhile her father Tywin and brother Tyrion are now facing a war on two fronts.  The late King Robert’s brothers Renly and Stannis are also moving against them.  Tywin is not pleased with Joffery’s decision to execute Ned Stark and all hopes for a quick and peaceful end to the war died with him.  He tells Tyrion he is sending him to King’s Landing to act as Hand of the King in his place.  Tyrion will help council Joffery and keep him from making any more foolish moves.  I wonder if Joffery will remember the tuning up he received at his uncle’s hand.

Daenerys awakens to find that her baby has died, the price for saving Drogo’s life.  But the price she finds was too high.  Although Drogo lives, he is no more than a hollow shell.  The witch Mirri Maz Duur has made sure that her people will no longer suffer at the hands of Drogo’s horse lords.  Daenerys cannot bare to see the mighty Drogo as a vegetable and smothers him in his sleep.  Now that Drogo’s men have abandoned her, she sees that her destiny is clear.

King Joffery attempts to force Sansa’s obedience by showing her the head of her father and other Stark household members.  He vows to give her the head of her brother Robb.  At that moment, a new side of Sansa comes out as she decides to push Joffery off the ledge, but is stopped by The Hound.  For a moment he seems to have a little compassion for her.  Could it be that he’s a little more honorable than originally thought?

Ayra Stark is pulled from the crowd at her father execution by Yoren of the Knight’s Watch.  He quickly cuts her hair and tells her to keep quiet.  He intends to sneak her out of King’s Landing with the new recruits bound for the Wall.  Yoren makes it quite clear to her that in order to save her and get her safely out of the city, she must pretend to be a boy.  Yoren renames her Arry and begins the long journey north.

Jon Snow decides to desert his post on the Wall and ride south to help his brother Robb fight the Lannisters.  Sam tries to stop him, but Jon insists that he belongs with his family.  Sam and Pyp ride after him and convince him that his duty to the Knight’s Watch is all he should be concerned with.  The next day, Lord Commander Mormont informs him that he will accompany him and a large force of the Knight’s Watch north of the Wall to find Benjen Stark and confront the growing menace of the white walkers.

The episode ends on a rather bizarre yet promising note.  As Daenerys prepares to burn the body of her husband Drogo, she also has other ideas in mind.  She places the three dragon eggs her brother attempted to steal from her with Drogo’s body.  She also takes the opportunity to enact revenge on Mirri Maz Duur.  She instructs Jorah to have Mirri tied to the funeral pyre.  Once engulfed in flames, Daenerys walks into the fire, apparently to her death.  To the shock of everyone the next morning, she sits unharmed in the ashes.  Unharmed and holding three newborn dragons.  I can’t wait for next season.