Okay, here is my official fan review of Green Lantern.  I decided as I was driving home from the movie that not only would I give my take on the film, I would also give my wife’s impression of it.  There will be some spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to wait to read my review.

Let me first start off saying that it wasn’t as bad as most reviews say it was.  It’s a comic book movie and most critics are a bunch assholes anyway and pick apart comic book movies as if they were trying to be the next Citizen Cane.  The movie has its problems, there is no mistaking that.  But it’s definitely not fair to blast the entire movie for a few mistakes.

Being a Green Lantern fan, I was so so so excited to see it.  I was more than a little discouraged when the early reviews started coming in and I lost all enthusiasm about going to see it.  So a hardy FU and a bird shot to the critics for ruining the movie going experience for me.

As with all origin stories, you have to get certain things out of the way before you can get to the really good stuff.  I’ve rarely left the first in a series of movies with a sense of complete satisfaction.  They always leave something out, or only give you little bits of something else.  That’s the way Hollywood works, if they did everything in the first movie, there would be no need to make a sequel.

Green Lantern suffered from some serious story flaws.  There was literally too much story to tell for one movie.  Things might have gone a lot smoother if they would have simplified the story a bit.  One thing for example was the Hector Hammond and Parallax story.  One or the other could have been left out and the movie wouldn’t have suffered.  Another example was the very brief back story of Hal’s father being killed, it was totally unnecessary to the overall movie.

The soundtrack in my opinion was another thing that took a lot away from the movie.  It was rather flat and didn’t do the film justice.  James Newton Howard must have phoned in his score for this movie.  Frankly I would have expected more from the man who helped score Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

My wife hated Blake Lively in the movie.  I posted my concerns months ago here about her potentially ruining the movie.  This is one point where my wife and I disagree.  I don’t think Blake was as bad as I imagined she would be.  Poor Blake is not a very good actress and for her to try to pull off being a fighter pilot was just too much for her.  In my humble opinion Jessica Biel would have been a much better choice for the role.  Overall she wasn’t horrible and to my surprise didn’t ruin the movie.

There were some other small things that bothered me about the movie, but I didn’t sit there and turn my nose up at the entire thing.  I was a little confused as to why Abin Sur was using a spacecraft when he was attacked by Parallax when later in the movie a squadron of Lanterns were flying through space without the use of a spaceship.  If Abin Sur needed a spaceship, why didn’t he construct one with his ring?  Another point that bothered me was if Hal’s ring made him able to breathe in space with a seemingly invisible force field, then why couldn’t it protect him from being cut and injured? 

The movie was good, but it wasn’t great.  Everyone is going to compare comic book movies to The Dark Knight for quite some time and that alone is just a set up for failure.  I wish they would have done a lot of things differently.  I would have loved to have seen more interaction between Hal and Sinestro.  I would have liked to see more of Oa and the other Lanterns.  Oh well, perhaps in the sequel.

So now that I’ve pointed out some of the weak points, let me point out what they did right.  Mark Strong as Sinestro…NAILED IT.  I have always liked Mark Strong in whatever movie he was in.  He’s a good actor who totally brings Sinestro to life.  I can’t wait to see him be able to expand on the role.  Ryan Reynolds made a great Hal Jordon, plain and simple.  Ryan is a very charming actor who brings a swagger that this movie needed in a leading man.  Truth be told, Ryan Reynolds was the only reason my wife wanted to go see it.

The basic origin story was very well done.  The film moved along at a good pace and didn’t appear to lag any or leave watchers bored.  There was a lot to do in this movie and based on that it was done pretty good overall.  It was fun and exciting to watch.  The final confrontation between Hal and Parallax was well done and very exciting.  Hal’s interaction with the Guardians toward the end of the movie was superb; but I would have liked to have seen more of them.

In the end things could have been better.  My wife didn’t enjoy the movie because she said it only appealed to the fans.  Like her, if you had no knowledge of Green Lantern prior to seeing the movie, then it was somewhat confusing and a little cheesy.  She did love Ryan Reynolds in it and thought he was great.  She hated Blake Lively and is still fuming about how she ruined the movie.  Comparing it to X-Men: First Class, she said it wasn’t as good.

I tend to disagree with my wife however.  Green Lantern was the perfect summer movie.  It was overly promoted and it under performed.  There may have been too much hype leading up to it that I think contributed to its poor performance.  It was a fun movie to watch and not nearly as awful as most critics made it out to be.  If you’re still on the fence about seeing it you shouldn’t be, Green Lantern is fun and a good ride for the money.  It has its problems, but no movie is perfect.

The Nerd gives Green Lantern a score of 3 out of 5.