It’s almost hard for a nerd to admit it, but I am not totally on the digital media bandwagon.  I was pretty quick to embrace digital music because let’s face it, it’s awesome.  Movies and TV shows are likewise awesome in digital form and I don’t know what I would do without them.  I’m even okay with the idea of newspapers becoming extinct because who reads them anymore as it is?  However when it comes to ebooks and ecomics, I think I have to draw the line.

Call me old fashioned, but I am having a difficult time accepting digital books, magazines and comic books.  I have tried using them, but the experience fell short of spectacular.  I don’t get to read as much as I use to in my younger days.  There are too many distractions these days that steer people or at least me away from reading.  When I say reading, I’m not talking about a news article here or a tech review there.  I mean sit down, read and enjoy an actual book.  Whether it be fiction or non, a biography or something else that suits your fancy.  There is nothing better than reading a good book from start to finish.

Audiobooks have their place in all of this and I can see the value and need for them.  Reading while you are driving is just plain stupid no matter how many times I’ve seen people do it.  But what I am talking about is holding the book in your hands, turning the pages.  Feeling the paper, smelling the ink on the pages.  Ebooks take that experience away.  I know some will argue that ebooks take less physical space and you can carry more of them with you.  That’s a great and very valid argument that I cannot dispute.  Like I said earlier I guess I am old fashioned.  I want to hold that book myself, I want to own it and be able to look at it on my bookshelf when I am finished with it.

Comic books are pretty much the same.  The whole idea and the fun (for me) about comic books is collecting them.  Having that tangible object in my hand and seeing the print on the pages is something that can never be captured in digital form.  Of course you can still collect them in digital form and it will take up less room; but I highly doubt that in fifteen to twenty years anyone will offer you a dime for your comics in digital form.

The comic book industry is going all out and embracing the digital revolution.  Some say that spells doom for local comics retailers as a whole.  People will not want to drive down to their local comic book store when they can purchase, download and read their latest issues with a few clicks of a mouse.  DC Comic stepped it up when they announced recently that all new issues will be available in digital form on release day.  It’s only a matter of time before Marvel, IDW and others follow suit.

I’m not saying that those of you who choose to get your printed media in digital form are wrong.  I am saying that for me, those forms of digital media aren’t desirable.  The funny thing is that I own an iPad.  I even own some digital comics and a few ebooks.  That doesn’t make me a traitor to the cause.  I had to be able to see the different myself before I could form an opinion on them.  I buy ebooks regularly and read them quite often.  It’s still not the same as holding the real book in my hands.  I found myself over the weekend searching through one of my local book sellers for a hardcopy book.  I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I hadn’t compromised my values.

It’s probably only a matter of time before printed media goes away in the mainstream.  That doesn’t mean we have to start digging the grave already.  Or has it been dug and we’re just waiting for the flat line to kick them into the hole?  I suppose there will always be people like me who try to hang on to what we’re use to.  Compact discs didn’t completely kill the vinyl album so there may still be some life left in printed media.