I’m not just saying that opossum ass is delicious, it is. 

I have been seeing promos for this new comedy series on FX for several weeks now.  It seemed a bit odd and potentially funny.  A man sees a dog as a full grown man in a dog costume who can talk.  What’s not to love?

I missed the premiere episode, but caught it on my DVR.  A boring Saturday morning compelled me to watch the first episode.  I have to say that although I didn’t laugh out loud all that much, but I did find the first episode of Wilfred funny and interesting enough to watch again.

Elijah Wood plays Ryan, a depressed former lawyer who has given up on life.  After completing the third revision of his suicide letter, he takes a bottle full of pills with the intention of ending his life.  When his pill laced smoothie doesn’t even effect him, Ryan is desperate to finish the job he started.  Then enters Jenna, his next door neighbor and her dog Wilfred.  Jenna asks Ryan to watch Wilfred for the day while she is at work.

Wilfred can talk to Ryan and tries to get him to let go of his anxiety and start enjoying his life for what it is.  Through trickery and manipulation, Wilfred shows Ryan how his fears and family’s expectations of him have driven him to giving up on life.

This show is just twisted and funny on a whole other level.  Ryan isn’t the only one who has issues.  Wilfred shows the same insecurities as you’d expect most dogs have.  The first episode was very cleverly written and acted.  Jason Gann does a wonderful job as Wilfred and meshes well with Elijah Wood.  The series has potential to be good, but I am not quite on board yet.

3 out of 5