Every comic book fan knows of The List.  The List is comprised of those essential comics or graphic novels that EVERYONE has read.  They are the must reads for comic nerdom.  The funny thing is that the list is not a hard set lineup of must reads.  Another funny thing is the list also varies on the number.  Some lists go as high as 1000, others narrow it to 8.  Every comic book fan will add or delete based on their own personal preferences.  There are some that nearly everyone will agree to; but how many of us have actually read every single title on that “must read” list?

I have to say that I have read most of them, but not all.  Depending on the list you go by, some of them I’ve never even heard of.  Reasons vary for why most of us haven’t read these particular “must reads”.  I know of a few guys that I can guarantee have read every single one and will go on at length about which books should have been added to the list.  So I know there are many comic book fans out there who haven’t read nearly any of the must read list.  That’s okay, you get to keep your nerd membership card.  I will be the first to admit that not all of them need to be read.  There are a few that I am ashamed to say I never read or got around to reading them once they became relevant again.

Watchmen!  I never read Watchmen until after I saw the movie.  Perhaps that’s why I liked the movie so much.  Many who read the graphic novel were really disappointed in the movie.  I guess I went into it with no expectations so there was nothing to be let down over.

Batman: Year One.  Yeah, that has been one of my most closely guarded secrets.  Being a lifelong Batman fan I am ashamed to admit that I never read Year One.  It came out during a time that I wasn’t devoting any time to comic books.  Now that DC is working on a new animated movie based on Year One, I guess I am going to have to buy it and read it.

So the question goes out to all of you comic book nerds out there.  What must reads have you neglected or declined to read that you wish you would have?