Ever wanted to kill your boss?  Sure, we all have.  Nick, Kurt and Dale are best friends.  They also each have horror stories for bosses.  They decide that their lives would be considerably happier if their bosses were dead.  What starts out as a joke between friends turns into a hilarious plot to murder their horrible bosses.

I can’t say my heart and soul were truly into this movie.  Perhaps it was the events of the day that caused me not to enjoy the movie as a whole.  That being said I am basing this review on the reactions of the other viewers around me.  That’s not to say that I hated or even mildly disliked this movie.  I just don’t think I was in the proper frame of mind at the time.

I love me some Jason Bateman.  Even though he’s very one dimensional and is basically the same character in every movie he’s been in, I love him as an actor.  In spite of his one character repertoire he is nearly always perfectly cast.  Bateman plays Nick who works for Kevin Spacy‘s character Dave Harken.  Harken overworks, pushes and micro manages Nick.  The last straw being when he promises Nick a promotion that he ends up giving himself, along with a nice fat pay raise.

Jason Sudeikis plays Kurt.  Kurt loves his boss, he’s the greatest man in the world.  After a suddenly heart attack, his boss’s coke-head son played by Collin Farrell takes over the company and begins to run it into the ground.  Kurt can only take so much after watching his boss bring hookers into the office and little by little destroy the company.

Charlie Day is Dale.  Dale has a great life.  He has a fiance that he adores and everything seems to be working out.  But Dale also has a horrible boss, played wonderfully by Jennifer Aniston.  She not only likes to sexually harass her patients, she also is after Dale.  After getting Dale’s fiance in her dentist chair, she shows him pictures of them having sex while he was also passed out from gas.  This is the last straw and Dale decides she must go.

Along the way Dale, Kurt and Nick set off a series of events that are not only hilarious, they are down right hysterical.  The three decide to carry out each others murders to avoid suspicion.  But none of them are prepared for what’s in store for them.

I have to say that although this isn’t one of the all time great comedies, it is a good one.  Jennifer Aniston strays from her usual nice girl roles to play an over sexed dentist who steals the show with her antics and inappropriate comments.  Kevin Spacy does his regular good job in his role but fails to deliver a great performance.  Another surprise was Jamie Foxx who doesn’t have a huge role in the film, but is surprisingly funny in the few moments he had.

Although this wasn’t a great movie, it was a good movie and another welcomed surprise in this summer season of disappointing films.  There is a lot of adult humor so I would not want my kids seeing this movie.  All in all a good time and well worth the ticket price.  The film also stars Donald Sutherland, Ron White, Julie Bowen and Bob Newhart.  All you comic book nerds keep an eye out for Ioan Gruffudd as the “Wetwork Man” and stay for the credits to see some great outtakes from the film.

The Nerd gives Horrible Bosses 4 out of 5.