Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is a rock star in the comic book community and his opinions are always sought after.  In an interview with Comic Book Resources, he talked about his thoughts on DC’s New 52 and things he would have done differently.  Here is a excerpt from the interview.

“I’ll bet against it. And here’s why: I think it’s a fool’s game, I’m not on board, I think it’s a fool’s game what they’re doing. They’ve got 52 titles that they’re launching #1, I’m down with that idea. Right? I get it, right. To do it all in one month is the fallacy there. As a businessman, one of the things I try to do before I get headstrong on something is to look at historical data that will basically back up my position.”

“Here’s what I would have done at DC (and they’re not asking me): I would have taken the 52 and put out six or seven new #1s each month and spread it for seven, eight, nine months, and then you would have had people talking about those new books for half a year to a year. You could stretch it out for a year! And then, after a year, then let Marvel have the megaphone. But you could have done this, and instead you blew your whole entire wad.

You can read the entire interview with McFarlane here.