Having to literally tear myself away from Comic Con coverage, I finally went to see Captain America yesterday.  Let me first start by saying I have never been a big Captain America fan, meaning I never read the comics.  Like most comic book fans I was aware of his basic origins and backstory.  I knew who the villain was and all of that; but I didn’t go into it with any preconceived notions or expectations.  You can tell that great care was taken with this film to give it mass appeal instead of focusing squarely on the fans.

Bottom line is that I really enjoyed the movie.  It had the potential of being really corny and silly, but to my surprise, the movie was very serious and exciting.  There was just enough humor sprinkled in to help things along without being too childish or crude, that was a refreshing surprise.  The actors in the film all did a really good job with their roles.  Hugo Weaving was outstanding as Red Skull and didn’t come off too over the top or comical as some comic book movie villains are often portrayed.

The story, along with the origins was very well done and not boring at all.  It moved along at a pretty good pace and really gave you a feel for the main character.  My wife who knew nothing about Captain America really enjoyed it and said that she was able to follow the story perfectly, which makes it good for those who know nothing about the comic.  You were able to identify with the character of Steve Rogers and you genuinely grew to like him.

Chris Evans is a much better and more comfortable fit for Captain America than he was as Human Torch from the Fantastic Four movies.  I am looking forward to seeing him again in The Avengers.  And speaking of, be sure to hang out after the credits.  As with most Marvel movies, there are some goodies at the very end of the film.  Those that stuck around got to see a teaser trailer for next summer’s The Avengers.

Overall I don’t think it was as good as Transformers: Dark of the Moon but it was better than Thor.  I would think twice about take a young child to see this movie due to some somewhat graphic gun battle scenes.  This isn’t a movie where no one gets killed and the bad guys are only knocked unconscious.  Captain America: The First Avenger is a solid and well made comic book movie that should appeal to even non-comic book fans.

4 out of 5