Angry fans who are against DC’s reboot of their comic line vowed to protest at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  A Facebook campaign was launched a few weeks ago and grew in popularity as SDCC approached.

Nearly 500 fans RSVP’d to the Facebook event but in the end only a dozen or so actually showed up to protest.  The cosplaying fans, dressed mostly as The Joker and Harley Quinn held up signs to show their displeasure with DC’s reboot plans.

It seems that upset fans either lost interest in the protest or have been won over by the media blitz DC has been running to promote the new line.  DC writers, artists and editors have been in front of anyone with a mic or camera touting the virtues of this reboot.  Many fans, myself included are somewhat optimistic but that has been guarded as not everyone is happy with every aspect of the change.

With the planned protest falling flat during Comic Con it is unlikely at this point (as if there were a chance) that DC will heed the disgruntled fans.  For those of us willing to give DC the benefit of the doubt, we’ll just have to wait until next month when the new line starts off with Justice League #1.