George Lucas, the mastermind behind Star Wars.  Convinced the studio back in 1975 to give him all the copyrights and licensing to his space opus.  It has been the driving force (no pun) behind Lucas’ empire (no pun) since it all started.  Toys, books, lunchboxes, PEZ dispensers, breakfast cereal, you name it, if it had anything to do with Star Wars, George Lucas got a cut of it.

Well that is not the case any more.  Andrew Ainsworth was the prop designer who created the stormtrooper helmets and armor for the movie.  He has been selling replicas of the armor for the past eight years.  George Lucas wasn’t getting his cut, so he decided to take Ainsworth to court to stop him from selling his stormtrooper armor.

After losing once in the UK High Court, Lucas appealed with the UK Supreme Court who also ruled against him.  The stormtrooper designs were not ruled as works of art like Lucas claimed and were only subject to a 15 year copyright protection.  Ainsworth is now free to continue selling his replica armor without any further trouble from Lucas.

To be fair however, George Lucas has been pretty decent about the Star Wars license, giving the little guy some creative freedom when it came to fan art and other small projects dealing with the subject.  I’m not really surprised that he would sue in order to protect what could be considered his property from being sold without his consent.  Oh well, sorry George, that’s the way the gavel gangs.