I got my geek on at the ‘con.

Yesterday I attended the one day Charlotte Comicon.  This was my first year attending this event and I have to say that I was impressed even though it was a small, one day event.  Of course the usual gaggle of vendors were there, along with some local artists and of course the cosplayers.  It was a fun, family friendly environment that was a great indoctrination for my wife.  This was her first time attending a ‘con.

Since it was such a small venue there weren’t as many cosplayers as I am use to seeing at other events, but the Empire was well represented by the number of stormtroopers that were present.  There were also a fair number of Klingons and I am happy to report, no one died.  There were the usual number of Harley Quinn and Jokers.  There was even a Penguin which I haven’t seen in a while.

I personally love going to these small events, they are easier to navigate through and you get a chance to see everything in a short span of time.  This gives you more time to speak with guests and artists and really get a look at things there.  I bought an excellent Justice League printed signed by Rick Ketcham but wasn’t able to find much else that struck my fancy.  I wish I could have talked that Klingon out of this really cool statue of Kahless but he would not part with it.