Film Buff Online has come up with a great timeline, putting into perspective the series of Marvel movies leading into The Avengers.  The timeline ties in Iron Man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk and Thor.  It hasn’t been updated with all the events seen in Captain America: First Avenger, but it does tie in nicely with the four other movies prior.  They’ve taken some liberties with some dates to help it all make sense and they’ve used not only the movies themselves, but also deleted scenes from the movies and the novelizations. 

If you’ve paid attention to the films so far, they appear to take place within a relatively short time frame from each other.  This was done no doubt to be able to flow linearly into the Avengers movie without the fans crying foul and looking for loopholes in the storyline.  I have to hand it to Marvel for really thinking it through and being able to pull this kind of project together.  DC should be taking notes and maybe we’ll get a Justice League movie sometime soon.  Check it out here for yourself.