First of all let me get this out.  I am a Green Lantern fan.  I enjoyed the movie and thought it wasn’t nearly as bad as most people made it out to be.  I’ve read the comic for years and I was excited to see the movie come out.  That being said I will go on to say that I was disappointed in the movie.  I wish it would have been better, done better, etc.  It didn’t and the ship has sailed on that point.

Now there has been a lot of talk the past few days about a sequel.  Before the movie came out, a sequel was all but assured.  After its lackluster success it looked as if plans for a sequel were just a dream.  But now WB execs are talking about it again and it looks like it could actually happen.  The first film looks like it just might break even at the box office and that seems to be good enough for the boys at Warner Bros. to give a sequel the go ahead.

DC and Warner Bros. are probably getting desperate for another successful movie franchise now that Harry Potter has ended its run and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films coming to a conclusion next summer.  They had a lot of hopes riding on the success of Green Lantern and were hoping to cash in like Marvel did with one of its lesser known heroes, Iron Man.

Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Bewkes said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that even though Green Lantern fell “fairly far short” of expectations, he would not rule out the possibility of a sequel.  WB film group President Jeff Robinov said earlier this week that “to go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action.”  This could mean that Warner Bros. is going to take a chance on another Green Lantern film hoping that it will be more successful than the first.

Lord knows Warner Bros. needs a new franchise and fast.  With the Batman films ending next summer, if Superman: Man of Steel doesn’t land at the box office in 2013, they could be hurting for a hit sooner than they realize.  Plans for Wonder Woman and Flash are years down the road and a possible Justice League movie is years beyond that.  To me, that leaves WB with only a few options open to them.

1.  Pull the trigger on a Green Lantern sequel or reboot the franchise entirely.  Pinning hopes on a successful sequel after the first movie performed poorly could be too big of a risk.  A reboot could be a better opportunity to start over and do it right the second time.  Marvel made a similar move with The Hulk that worked to their advantage.  

2.  Convince Christopher Nolan to do one more Batman film and give the studio some breathing room.  Nolan’s films are seemingly fail proof, audiences and fans would surely welcome another Batman film if they continue with the same cast and storyline.  Rumors of a Batman reboot after TDKR have been floating around but there is the problem with time.  A reboot could take longer than WB has or would be comfortable with taking to get a film in the theaters.

3.  Make sure Superman: Man of Steel is everything it needs to be.  With Christopher Nolan producing the film it appears to be in good hands.  Zack Snyder is a brilliant director, but his movies are sometimes lost on a general audience.  Making a movie purely for the fans is a risky proposition and threatens to alienate wide audience acceptance.  They are putting together an amazing cast for Man of Steel and in spite of whether the movie is good or not it will be fun just to watch it.  Bring back the magic of Christopher Reeve and the first two Superman movies and you’ve got box office gold.

Whether or not a Green Lantern sequel will happen is simply up in the air right now.  It’s understandable that WB execs are gun shy about taking the risk.  The first film cost $200 million to make not counting marketing which was pretty considerable.  Right now it’s made around $114 million worldwide and the studio is just hoping to break even at this point.  An additional $9 million was spent close to release to beef up the special effects, no word on where that fell into the final price tag.

I think Green Lantern fans would welcome a sequel in either a reboot or a continuation of the first movie.  There would be considerable conditions to be met in order to win over critics and fans should it happen.  A lot more care needs to be taken the second time around.  The characters have such great potential and there is a fan base that would line up to see a well thought out, well made Green Lantern film.  Quality over quantity is something Warner Bros. and DC need to take into consideration.

One great idea would be to give Bruce Timm and his team a shot at writing the story and script for a Green Lantern movie.  Timm has helped write and produce a number of amazing animated movies for DC that have blown away nearly everything (with exceptions of the Nolan Batman films) that has been in theaters.  You’re basically creating a movie about cartoon characters, get a guy with success in cartoons to try it.  What would they have to lose?