I believe I posted a short rant on Twitter yesterday about when we’d be able to get a picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises.  I guess Chris Nolan must have heard my pleas, because imagine my surprise this morning when I find an official pic has been released.  It’s not a great pic that shows a lot of her costume, but it does show her mask.  She’s riding the Batpod which she has either stolen from Batman or she’s helping him out.  My guess is that she stole it given her nature as a thief.  Check out the pic below.

Upon closer examination that may not be her Catwoman costume at all.  It is a textured jumpsuit of some kind but the mask really doesn’t look much like a mask and more like some kind of night vision glasses.  I would not be surprised if this isn’t her Catwoman costume.