This is only a rumor for now, but there has been a lot of secrecy and plenty of misdirection regarding The Dark Knight Rises.  Little tidbits of information have leaked out here and there, but can any of it be taken to heart?

One more rumor coming from the set reveals that a major character in the series will meet his demise in the film.  If you’re not into spoilers or you’re just not the type to play into the rumor mill, then you won’t want to continue reading this.


Sources from the Pittsburgh set are saying that Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) will be violently killed off in the final installment of this Batman franchise.  Who the killer is at this point is only a guess, but it would make sense that Bane does the deed to provoke Batman/Bruce Wayne into a confrontation.  Some are guessing that it might be Jim Gordon who buys it in this film based on evidence seen in the teaser trailer.  This however seems unlikely since Gordon is such a pivotal character.  It would make for an interesting plot twist though.

As I said before this is only a rumor with very little hard facts to back it up.  Treat it as simply that, a rumor until proven otherwise.