Okay I will just come right out and say it.  DC is literally killing with this reboot now.  I was okay with everything, with a few minor exceptions that are too petty to even mention.  But now I hear about this whole Robin internship thing going on in the Batman family and it actually gave me a headache trying to figure it out.

Some Twitter friends and I went back and forth last night about it and other than me forgetting when Tim Drake came on the scene, I was scratching my head most of the night trying to figure all this out so that it made sense.  I thought about it on the way to work this morning and after all that I still don’t know if it makes any sense to me.  Perhaps we comic book nerds are just assuming too much or putting too much thought into it, but unless we get further clarification from DC, the confusion remains.  So let me explain it to you so maybe I can help myself understand it.

In the new DC universe, superheroes have only been around about 5 years.  That being the case and if continuity is being maintained, then Batman has gone through 5 different Robins in that stretch of time.  Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne have all taken a turn as the Boy Wonder by the time this reboot starts up.  So what happened to each of them?  We know Dick Grayson is still around as Nightwing and Tim Drake is as well as Red Robin.  Jason Todd died at the hands of Joker but did that happen in this rebooted universe?  Five years is an awfully short time frame to get all of that well established history taken care of.  Is DC just planning on ignoring certain events?

Assuming Jason Todd was killed by Joker and is now with Batman’s splinter team The Outsiders, that might better explain matters.  I can see how Stephanie Brown’s short stint as Robin will get overlooked and dropped.  But how are they going to explain Damien’s existence?  Don’t even get me started on relative ages of all the parties involved because that made my eye twitch a little.

It’s things like this that is making everyone so upset with DC right now.  Mind you it’s not enough for me to just drop them altogether, but they’ve certainly confused me on this one.  I’m still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and take a wait and see approach to it all.  Unless they are will to provide further explanations they are risking alienating even more fans.